An Events category?

The recent discussion on meeting up between Londoners and Sheffielders, as well as the Infracon 2019 – Barcelona and Gathering to discuss values, governance, criteria and process topics prompted me to propose a new category reserved to event announcements.

Why Events?

This instance of Discourse is running two related plugins, discourse-events and discourse-locations, that can be applied to a specific category, requiring an event definition to be attached to a topic.

Another argument in favor is that a category dedicated to events would also facilitate in person meetings based on each person’s location.

Finally, @realitygaps started talking about organizing another librehosters event, which would benefit from being properly announced and documented.

How would that work?

We could have a “Meet Up!” category set with associated event and location.


There’s a #librehosters-events channel on Freenode/Matrix. So I guess it would make sense to have this here.

+1 and we have this “re-post thread creation to the chat channels” thing, which would also be nice for these events -> librehosters-events.

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I agree that an events category is pretty useful. Perhaps we just call it events?

The gathering i proposed was not meant to be so widely announced though, its not a meetup as such its a focused work meeting. We have tried as a larger group to try to figure out the stuff on the agenda for that gathering and have not managed to move it forward so quickly over the past months, so this is deliberately a smaller gathering to try work towards a proposal in a small and focused group that can be presented as a proposal to the network.


Let’s get this show on the road! Can some admin make the category? The public programme for a nice event in Antwerp is out: @agnez will be representing it seems!

Also, I may have spoken too soon in Gathering to discuss values, governance, criteria and process but there is an international video call for tech coops outside the UK on today … late notice … I’ll paste the mail:

We’ll have a call today (Tue) for anyone interesting in connecting tech coops internationally. 17:00pm GMT at [1] Sorry for super late notice, we will have another call in a month, but if you have time today just drop by :slight_smile:

I’ll try to be online and see what is what. Background in People working in tech coops in Germany, Argentina, France, etc. etc.

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I’m all for leaving time for others to chime in. The proposal is only 3 days old, let us pass a whole week before we create the category. Maybe other people have a different opinion and I generally don’t want to act too fast, so we can think about our moves. As with the LH directory, it’s important to leave space for reflection and discussion.

If people don’t have anything to say about it and simply agree with the proposal, they can like the topic.

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Events Category Name

I’d like to propose alternative names for this category. We could make a poll out of it.

  1. Events: generic, maybe too much so (which is why I’m proposing alternatives)
  2. Meet Up!: much clearer, as it encourages to meet, but does not really cover online gatherings
  3. Upcoming: clearly indicate to watch out for things to happen in the near future, but not necessarily a meeting
  4. Radar: same as upcoming, reminds of “Ze” Radar, not necessarily associated with a meeting either, especially if you’re not familiar with the Radar.

I guess I’d go for 1 or 2 with a category limit on future dates, so as not to show past events on the agenda (although the topic would still exist for archiving purpose).

Events Category Description

As each category must have a description, and the first sentence (limited to ~ 200 words) is used as a tooltip, it’s good to describe what the Events category will be used for. This is a wiki… :slight_smile:

Announce and organize upcoming events in the LibreHosters network: meet up with like-minded people and friendly free software hosting organizations near you!

This category is used to announce upcoming events: each topic corresponds to a single event.
You may announce a new event by creating a new topic, indicating a moment in time. The event will appear in the category’s agenda. You may provide a location to the event, and request RSVP.

As an event organizer, please use the first post in the topic to clarify any information related to the event, such as:

  • the purpose of the event
  • directions to reach the meeting place or online venue(s)
  • conditions to access the event (e.g., membership or fee)
  • any practical information (flyer, external link)
  • you may use tags to group associated events together (e.g., regular meetings): please respect other people’s tags and try to be creative enough so that no tags clash into each other.

As a participant, if an event has a “Going” button, you can use it to indicate your will to participate, and reply to the topic to ask details to the organizers or contribute to the event (either prior to the event to help organizing it, or during and after the event to document it).

Only upcoming events appear on the agenda: past events remain available as normal topics.

All right people, I just edited the description since nobody did before me. Should I proceed to create the Events category now?

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#events category created. I moved some topics there. Unsure whether I moved all relevant topics. I did not locate nor date the topics.