Charter and Values

Its often difficult to communicate the librehost directory acceptance criteria to others easily, especially as we still have not fully defined the various values and the governance process. It was suggested in past gatherings that we refer to the chatons charter for compatible values and approach and adapt it to create our own.

Is this generally accepted as a current representation of the sort of values that we expect from participants? At least for the moment then, we would have a clear reference point for new applicants and the criteria expected from them.

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I think the CHATONS charter is one of the references but not the only one.

I see from that we should discuss more on the Discourse: I almost missed that entry, and frankly I’m opposed to accept anyone who is ready to compromise with proprietary software vendors. Otherwise it would be much easier to use the GMAFIA cloud and be done with it. But we’re not doing cosmetics here.

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I agree that the FENEAS position is highly problematic but I take issue with aggressive language and would therefore like to see a code of conduct considered by the network in such a discussion on charter/values.

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We have to remove this line from the charter:

(Sorry for french…)

The removed line says: “in return the users take the engagement to host only legally-compliant contents for the country [where it is hosted].”

I certainly agree that, especially given the context of “upload filters”, closing eyes on user content can be beneficial from an ethical perspective, but I guess this sentence was added to shield the hoster from responsibility in case of a legal issue. IANAL, but I’m ready to support this MR from an ethical standpoint: hoster is not the copyright holder, so the responsibility should lie with the uploader, not the infrastructure provider.

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This is a difficult one… how to know if it is generally accepted?
If there are not many answers coming to this thread, does that mean yes or no?

I am trying to thing of a procedure that could work here. Maybe this:

  • Invite everyone to express on the question: should the chatons’ charta be adopted for LH? What changs would be needed?
  • On gitlab everyone could point on what’s missing and/or what should be removed.
  • Give a clear time frame, deadline of 2 months for example. Send out several reminders during this period, to try to get everyone’s awareness that this process is going on.

  • I don’t know yet how the end phase of this would happen, to avoid endless discussions about commas and vocabulary (this is just a brainstorm to start somewhere).
    Maybe the final phase should be done IRL? Walking in the woods if you’d ask @pierreozoux :wink:

this has little to do with the original post on this thread? is there a new thread?
but then, how did it end? did we implement changes?
I find it logical, and also the general ‘manifesto’ may be something we want to be reviewing regularly (or constantly?), not set in stone…
I am still not getting used to this [forum] method, I used forums in the past that I found easier (phbb may have been the name?) for me nothing beats mailing lists for organising really … do i sound old?
sorry for mixing up so many topics :slight_smile:

regarding manifesto or similar, what we would need is a wiki or pad to collaboratively edit it, while negotiating edits

We already have pad and can use them here: simply link the pad in a response on a line by itself and it will be integrated into the post. Make sure you’re logged in with the pad first as the cookies might expire and don’t allow you to edit from here once embedded. Otherwise it works great (see an example here).