Feminist Principles of the Internet

Continuing the discussion from ReLearn 2019 Rotterdam:

@decentral1se, I guess you’re referring to the Feminist Principles of the Internet (FPI). I suppose you also mentioned the work of Juliana Guerra and Mallory Knodel:

Manifesto was over at:


Those are all good links! The https://github.com/IRTF-HRPC/drafts/blob/master/draft-feminism.md effort is still making a call for comments and it’s possible to start a discussion directly on the issue tracker (or other medium), so please feel free to get stuck in!

The critical thinking around networked technologies coming from these feminist communities is relevant and important. There are lots to learn here for librehosters IMHO …

And I must then share:


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I sent my extensive comments the very day this I-D. was released. I did not get a response yet though.

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