Introductions thread!


I’m Nikos, and I participate in the LibreOps collective, based mostly in Athens. We also build, maintain and provide decentralized services based on Free Software. At the moment most of our services have an open registration policy.

We would love to be part of Librehosters, since we definitely agree and follow the network’s values. We chatted with a couple of people at the recent 35c3. I’m also in the matrix channel, invited by @yala quite some time ago, since we met each other when he visited Athens.

I opened a MR already. I’ll also be at Fosdem and will love to meet and chat with more libre hosters :wink:


Hi there!

I just added the .json api-file and I’d like you to add me to the Librehosters directory. I’m Tobi and with I provide services for family and friends. Yet the most services are only provided for personally known people, I also have some implementations open for everybody. Furthermore I support various projects with space and accounts such as for meeting and other personal websites.

Cheers, Tobi


I just realised I haven’t introduced myself!

I like to keep an air of mystery about myself and go by the pseudonym Amolith when online. If I ever meet anyone IRL, I’d be happy to introduce myself as me :wink:

I’m not a collective or anything, just one guy with a VPS and a passion for freedom and privacy. I run, preview below. “Freedom served with a slice of liberty” is the current tagline (subject to change; it’s not my favourite) and illustrates the nature of the services I run; it’s all libre and completely free to use. I do take donations but it’s not a requirement of anything and there are no restrictions for those who choose not to or perks for those that do.

I started hosting services to build my own private “cloud” so as to keep my information mine. I had a couple of services “out there” but not publicised or anything until I stumbled upon the LH network and fell in love with the idea a month or two ago. Since then, I’ve discovered and started hosting a lot more services as well made them all publicly available.


I’m nino
Glad the meeting went well. Been too busy lately to really engage in new projects. So leeching for now.
I’m running and looking to host mattermost too. I might try dendrite if it’s stable enough.
That’s all for the relevant part :wink:

oh and also though haven’t updated in a while



My name is Jonathan and I manage which is supposed to serve tools and services to anyone.
I bought the domain in December 2017 with in order to create a small community based around free software (mainly Linux)
Our slogan is “Linux is like Pizza - you can top it with whatever you want”.

Linux.Pizza and its services is hosted in a variety of places - we currently use as a provider for mastodon mainly because I did’nt had the time to manage it in the summer so I moved it over there and it has been left there just out of convenience :slight_smile:

The other services is on my servers at my work (I work at a ISP/Datacenter) in Sweden and some (such as the really simple services) is hosted at my homelab.

I am also a part of OperationTulip which aims to provide a completely anonymous Nextcloud service with a unique way of subscribing. We currently have 400 users (100 active) during the beta which gives every use 50GB of free storage. I hope that OperationTulip can be a part of Librehosters too!



I am the one man band behind Nomagic, a limited company registered in the UK which hosts a number of free and non-free services (as in free beer), currently wrapping up its catalogue and infrastructure before starting to advertise (hopefully soon).

I host everything at Hetzner in Germany on a dedicated server running Proxmox and about 40 LXC containers, waiting for more users to get into clustering.
I am also a member of French chaton Alolise using a similar infrastructure.
Nomagic became a chaton last year and my main contribution so far was to help translating the manifesto and charters in English (with my loved one).

I am hoping that librehosters will help Nomagic visibility in the UK.

I am no developer, but I do raise issues and am eager to push in the right direction when I see an opportunity (like on flarum project, a promising alternative to Discourse that does not require docker and for which I managed to bring together 2 willing developers to get a first LDAP plugin up and running :joy: ).

Looking forward to be part of Librehoster and hopefully contribute in some way!


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I’m Jonah and I’m the admin at We provide a list of software recommendations to protect your privacy online, and recently we’ve started hosting a growing variety of services including Mastodon, Searx, WriteFreely, and PrivateBin with more to come.

We’ve gotten a couple requests to join Librehosters and recommend you all on our site so I figured I’d make our introduction here to get started!


Hi, i’m Bruno member of the CA & tech team of Infini.

We are an associative hoster based in Brest, France since 1995 & historic member of CHATONS collective.

As said in our CHATONS page we provide services (hosting, sympa mailing list, nextcloud, etc) for our members and “outils libres” (free tools) for every one (pad, bin, date, pic, umap, etc). We have nearly 300 members who are individuals or (a lot of) associations.

We have a an employee that can help our members to make website and use our tools. She’s also animating projects with other actors in Brest, and helping people who comes to our PAPI (Point d’Accès Public à Internet).

One important thing i was missing is that our servers are based in Brest and hosted by ourself in a dedicated place.

Here is our MR for being listed in the directory :slight_smile:


I am @rialtate , a member of the Allied Social coop that runs

We would like to join under the name.

Zot Host is a service that provides turnkey managed hosting for Zot open source applications (Hubzilla and Zap for now, but we’ll consider adding any new ones that pop up!)

Similar services exist for other federated protocols, but until now, none existed for Zot. We hope to ease the friction inherent in trying out open source platforms for non-technical users or even for those who just can’t be arsed.

We offer pricing that is very competitive with DIY VPS so we hope to make it super easy and therefore spread Zot more.



I’m f0x, and I used to run
Since then a few things changed, and was removed after this incident:

A few months ago I restarted under a different name, and I present to you: Pixie Town
Most services are the same, like Matrix, Mastodon, Gitea and Mumble. WriteFreely will be set up soon™
I have a co-admin now, mainly for Mastodon moderation but they’ll also get system access when I get to it. is ran out of my pocket, I receive some donations but they’re not mandatory and don’t cover the cost

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hey all,

this is Dimitris from Stin Priza tech coop ( - site in greek lang only atm), based in Athens, GR since 2012. We mainly do paid work for hw repairs (lab) and web (shared/vps hosting , building wordpress/drupal websites, domains registration). While we mainly provide paid services, we also host/maintain some public ones (searx, tor relay), do some free hosting for collectives/activists (vanilla forums, websites), and also involved in recycling/reusing old hardware. Web services are hosted in hetzner’s dedicated servers in Germany.
we use free software exclusively for web, but lab has to work with proprietary (windoze) systems as well…
we really like the idea behind librehost… had a look about a year ago, but it wasn’t clear at the time if coops would be accepted… catching up to that discussion now, as we saw some other similar coops participating in the network…

MR (just now) :

cheers/solidarity to @ll,
dimitris, for stinpriza tech collective.


Hello! :wave: I’m Doug.

I co-founded and continue to live at/develop Kanthaus, a common house dedicated to “promoting sharing and reducing waste”. We provide a physical platform for for-purpose workers, a ‘material basic income’ if you will.

Reducing food waste and developing open-source tools for in-real-life cooperation seem to be our biggest focus area, with people working on and through, Karrot dot world, Trustroots dot org, Trichter dot cc, Inventaire dot io to name a few (Sorry, can only put two links as it’s my first post)

We use a whole bunch of services, some are hosted, some we host.

I’m not a sysadmin/devops person, only doing a little bit of development myself. I’m particularly interested in how tools can liberate real-life collectives to escape the cognitive limits of the human condition! (Not in a dystopic, transhumanist sense ha)


Hey everyone! Nice to be here!
I’m part of the team at Cloud68, and we wanted to say hi.

Allow me to briefly introduce Cloud68:
We offer various open source platforms, and we’re adding more to the list day by day!
As a team who have been active for a long time now on the issues of Online Privacy and Free Libre Open Source Software, we really wanted to come up with a solution that would enable our friends to get back control over their data, while also working on an area we love and are really passionate about.

We also have an MR here:



I’m eth01 (freenode) and I am the founder of which is a provider of free cloud computing services to the free open source software community. We offer virtual machines and other such services to assign projects, of any demographic, size. We offer professional and high quality compute to help projects grow, build and develop.

– eth01 /

Dear All is a not-for-profit provider of free to use cloud-based hosting to the open source community. These services are exclusively for the open source community and we operate within the community identifying start up projects eligible for our support. Fosshost is privately funded and offers high quality, cloud computing power for development, testing and production use.

We operate several cloud computing platforms which enables fosshost to deliver our services at rapid speed, globally. Our founder has experience that has lasted for more than a decade running successful cloud hosting companies. This experience enables the project to provide high quality, best-of-class platforms to grow your project.

We seek to invest in your project to share the passion and dedication of the fellow community. We do not and never will, ask, request or generate any financial return or investment from our service. All that we ask is that you consume our service in an honest and transparent manner, and do not violate our ToS. We respect internet anonymity, and all our services include full encryption and VPN access.
We believe in free, open source clean software and commit to every project that we help, of our commitment to full transparency with our service. We work hard to build stable and high-performance platforms that will support your project.

In addition to our hosting services, we provide an incubation programme to projects that require early adoption and auxiliary services to complement our cloud compute initiative.
We are not affiliated with any corporate provider of cloud computing and do not receive any sponsorship, which means that we are agnostic and independent. We are run by volunteers for volunteers and for the greater good of the open source community.

Kind regards,

** I am eth01 on freenode IRC


I don’t find any hint on their site, who is running the project except a Thomas aka eht01.
A whois reveals that is running on Cloudflare. Not really transparent. Not my understanding of libre hosting.


Thanks for your feedback. I am the founder of fosshost

We are building a new community within freenode that you are more than welcome to join #fosshost

There is no reason we use CloudFlare other than for their free DNS services, but this is up for debate.

– eth01

I’m been chatting with them in #fosshost and we are looking at switching to using the Webarchitects DNS servers.

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This has now been completed, we are now no longer using CloudFlare