Introductions thread!

Welcome to the introductions thread, a place to introduce ourselves and our collectives.

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Im realitygaps, admin of a small non-profit foundation based in Amsterdam, Netherlands.

We have our own hardware and host in a local data center with a colocation association. We provide free services and contributor services on a donation basis. Currently we are two main admins, me and @mattronix.


I am ana, admin of aktivix, which legally is no more than a bunch of friends who got together in around 2005, we do not have a culture of registering as non-profit or foundation in the UK, unless you will need salaried people. used to be based in the UK, with different people in different cities mainly in England, but then people started to move countries and the servers moved continents, so now we can only say that admins are mainly in Europe and the servers are mainly in America.

We provide free services and the support that comes with them on a donation basis. These include mail, lists, owncloud, gnusocial and blogging


Hi I am mattronix, admin of a small non-profit foundation based in Amsterdam, Netherlands.

I focus on the infrastructure side of

We have our own hardware and host in a local data center with a colocation association. We provide free services and contributor services on a donation basis. Currently we are two main admins, me and @realitygaps


I’m f0x, I run
It doesn’t have any formal structure, since I’m the only one running and it only serves ~10 people

It runs on a combination of my homeserver (Lenovo Y500), and a Hetzner VPS. I get some donations but it’s not enough to cover.
Everything is free, and either open or you need to ask me for an account:
Matrix, Codimd, Gitea, Mumble, Pleroma


Hej I’m hellekin from Petites Singularités, a non-profit established in Brussels.

The association aims to bring a different outlook on transindividual aesthetics with regard to local collectives and their digital practices.

Petites Singularités holds aesthetical projects under various free forms adapted to their expression and their public dissemination. Literary, poetic, artistic, software, philosophical, lively research-action, Petites Singularités edit, publish, produce, hybridize, support, invite, travel.

We think collective organization and action in the production of meaning in the local hybridization of humans and technology; we transmit concrete and significant solutions to local groups.

We use Discourse a lot:

We’re currently involved in creating a feminist game environment that inspires and nourishes a reflection developing understanding of an aesthetic of free software through the exploration of collective practices and the concept of Third TechnoScape organizing and engaging in activist events around free software, transversal communities (ETC, THK, Baobaxia, Tropixel) and active resistance.


Hi all,

I’m @decentral1se and I most often speak on behalf of:

I gave some general introduction on both of those in

I’ll be trying to participate in what way I can in this network. I also find a lot of inspiration in the work of Framasoft and CHATONS. I am quite interested in topics of organisation, collective decision making, facilitation. And also the programming thing :slight_smile:

It’s down now but there will also be more information on soon.


Hi fellows,

I’m Pierre and I started some years ago.

I love everything kubernetes, docker and linked data :wink:

Really happy I met you all in Amsterdam, and looking forward for the collaboration!



I am @perflyst and I am the admin of Snopyta provides different services for free and there already some new services which are not visible on the website yet. :slight_smile:
As I am very privacy orientated I keep no single IP address or useless metadata (on debugging I try to collect as less as possible and delete fast).
You may see that there is TeamSpeak listed. This is because some RL friends use it and why not sharing it with someone else?

Currently it runs at some small Hetzner VPS’ mostly based in Finland but will move soon to a dedicated Server (also in Finland). Who pays the servers? I do.
/me also likes Tor and runs relays. I am open for discussion on various subjects and to meet some new cool people!
I hope I can help to grow this thing here up, I started with the librehost.json merge request

/edit: Answered the questions here, if anyone is interested:


Hi, I am juh and a member of the Hostsharing eG cooperative.

Hostsharing eG was founded in 2000. We strive for digital emancipation and sovereignty, sustainability and excellence. Our own hardware is located in data centers in Berlin and Frankfurt. We’ve built a managed operation platform providing high availability, security, data protection, remote backup and flexibility. We offer basic and extended support with 24/7-SLAs with 8 and 4 hour response time. All of our customers are members of the cooperative. The Membership is diverse and ranges from private persons to resellers, startups and small or medium enterprises.


Hi, I’m Chris from Webarchitects Co-operative, I mostly do sysadmin / devops stuff using Ansible and Bash.

We have been going for over 20 years now, hosting a variety of good causes.

We are a multi-stakeholder co-operative made up of workers, clients, partners and (potentially!) investors, our rules are here:

Individual and organisations can join for a minimum for a £1 share:

And membership allows access to our (rather new and not used much) members Discourse forum:

And also our, quite popular (organisations have joined just to use it) GitLab CE server at which has CI setup to spin up Debian Stretch Docker images by default:

Our code is mostly here:

We are quite strict about only using Free software:

Over the last two years we have been co-operating a lot with other tech co-ops in the UK (some of which make a lot of use of Free software, other make a lot of use of non-Free software), Co-operative Technologists and they also have their own (open) Discourse server, which has quite a nice community around it:


I’m Andrea from Software Workers, an indie IT consulting firm based in Milan, Italy.
Years ago we started delivering private clouds to our customers, adopting an ethical approach either on tools used (free software) and users awareness.
As technical complexity prevented customers to fully leverage the potential freedom they had, we developed Pyamm to make easy administering at least email and users accounts.
Soon afterwards we started conceiving on how to support indie and libre operations and provisioning of libre cloud services. This drove us to initiate the CloudMeUp project wiht the goal of providing a modular and multimodal (API, CLI, Web UI) framework that allows to spin up entire new libre hoster organizations, and to facilitate their integration within libre hoster networks.
In order to fostering the CloudMeUp framework we are now setting up a dedicated community (communication channels are coming soon).
CloudMeUp members participating in librehosters network are currently @hotzeplotz (also in Matrix as, and in Matrix room.

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i am @fnoerd i am a user of services which among other provided me with the means to “host my own”.

Having tried several self-host solutions i found myself falling more and more into the admin role than making use of those services.

I am looking forward to provide what i can to this project.


Hi everyone;

I would like to participate to the next meeting remotely.

My name is Jonathan Dumont, also known as JOduMonT.
I’m a Linux SystemAdminitrator and Ethical Hacker and manage IT since almost 3 decades now.

My first Linux server for a client was under Mandrake than I learn serious stuff when I helped Linux Quebec during the program Linux in School.

I would like to be a part of LH as a representative of ḡLibre which can’t be a kitten mainly because I’m moving too often and my clients are mainly DigitalNomads and Expats, so we rarely meet in person.

In the past I help a little bit Pierre with is docker images. During the last 4 years I also contribute, with parsimony, to Nethserver, Vesta and LinuxServer.

I’m not a good coders, because I’m no a coder, I’m great cut the fat, secure, documents, keeps order and time, helping and coaching, holding your back.

I’m fine with the consensus and I believe the best tools is the one you decide to work with it (they are all good and bad for different reasons).


I am Stijn, have been trying to follow the librehosters on Riot for a while, introduced by Agnez, co-volunteer at

As my profile says:

  • working at cooperative that builds, maintains and hosts websites for socially and environmentally responsible projects, starting to deploy services and consulting for organisation to de-google (Nextcloud/Mail/Matomo/Peertube)
  • volunteer at a project to start a user cooperative as an alternative answer to Google, FB…

My main skills are drupal development, sysadmin, have a print design background. My focus is to maintain a job with with work that ‘good’ to society.



I’m Nikos, and I participate in the LibreOps collective, based mostly in Athens. We also build, maintain and provide decentralized services based on Free Software. At the moment most of our services have an open registration policy.

We would love to be part of Librehosters, since we definitely agree and follow the network’s values. We chatted with a couple of people at the recent 35c3. I’m also in the matrix channel, invited by @yala quite some time ago, since we met each other when he visited Athens.

I opened a MR already. I’ll also be at Fosdem and will love to meet and chat with more libre hosters :wink:


Hi there!

I just added the .json api-file and I’d like you to add me to the Librehosters directory. I’m Tobi and with I provide services for family and friends. Yet the most services are only provided for personally known people, I also have some implementations open for everybody. Furthermore I support various projects with space and accounts such as for meeting and other personal websites.

Cheers, Tobi


I just realised I haven’t introduced myself!

I like to keep an air of mystery about myself and go by the pseudonym Amolith when online. If I ever meet anyone IRL, I’d be happy to introduce myself as me :wink:

I’m not a collective or anything, just one guy with a VPS and a passion for freedom and privacy. I run, preview below. “Freedom served with a slice of liberty” is the current tagline (subject to change; it’s not my favourite) and illustrates the nature of the services I run; it’s all libre and completely free to use. I do take donations but it’s not a requirement of anything and there are no restrictions for those who choose not to or perks for those that do.

I started hosting services to build my own private “cloud” so as to keep my information mine. I had a couple of services “out there” but not publicised or anything until I stumbled upon the LH network and fell in love with the idea a month or two ago. Since then, I’ve discovered and started hosting a lot more services as well made them all publicly available.


I’m nino
Glad the meeting went well. Been too busy lately to really engage in new projects. So leeching for now.
I’m running and looking to host mattermost too. I might try dendrite if it’s stable enough.
That’s all for the relevant part :wink:

oh and also though haven’t updated in a while



My name is Jonathan and I manage which is supposed to serve tools and services to anyone.
I bought the domain in December 2017 with in order to create a small community based around free software (mainly Linux)
Our slogan is “Linux is like Pizza - you can top it with whatever you want”.

Linux.Pizza and its services is hosted in a variety of places - we currently use as a provider for mastodon mainly because I did’nt had the time to manage it in the summer so I moved it over there and it has been left there just out of convenience :slight_smile:

The other services is on my servers at my work (I work at a ISP/Datacenter) in Sweden and some (such as the really simple services) is hosted at my homelab.

I am also a part of OperationTulip which aims to provide a completely anonymous Nextcloud service with a unique way of subscribing. We currently have 400 users (100 active) during the beta which gives every use 50GB of free storage. I hope that OperationTulip can be a part of Librehosters too!