As most of you may know, s a tool to install and manage hosted applications on a virgin docker server

v1 use docker-compose

You can find details on

I tried to reboot the project recently to have a working V1 in the next weeks.

a application is mainly a docker-compose recipe + some script for common tak ( install/backup/monitor etc…)

an example is nextcloud

I will try to update this post ferquently to reflect the status of the project.

Who is using v1 right now ?

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New Feature : Legacy Import

Welcoming benjamin from Ekimia on the project, we started a very useful feature :

Restore from legacy backup

The idea behind this feature :

  • One has an application installed on a classic linux virtual machine
  • He has ssh access and wants this application to be transfered on a v1 host.
  • We develop 2 script : 1 for backup , 1 for restore
  • the backup script produce an archive containing all directories for app data
  • The restore function will be integrate as “import” argument in libre provision function.
  • This will enable to create directly a new application with the volumes data initialised with backup data