November 19 meeting & 1st anniversary party

Hi everyone,
In November the LibreHosters Network will have it’s first anniversary (should we say the date is 11/11?).

In the chat meeting today we discussed having a gathering then to finalize the work on the CPP and COC + anniversary party-meeting-something.

Is there anyone who would like to host this in their city? Otherwise @realitygaps offers to host it again in Amsterdam.
If you want to make a proposal, please do so within a week (until next Monday, September 23 evening).

Those who are interested in joining the gathering could already notify which of the November weekends would suit them:

  • 2-3 November
  • 9-10 November
  • 16-17 November
  • 23-24 November
  • 30 November - 1 December

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@natacha and I will probably be unavailable by the end of November, but we don’t know the details yet.

This poll find’s so little interest that it’s hard to say if this community is really alive…

It would be good to get some feedback, also from those who don’t plan to join a November meeting (in Amsterdam or elsewhere).
People who have taken part in earlier meetings and, official members : please give a sign of life and possibly an idea on how we could meet and work together.

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I will be travelling from October until January, so I can’t join unfortunately.

I have an EU Commission workshop in Brussels on “open source and open source hardware strategies” 14 and 15th of November, then move to France for some time on the 19th.

Hi Linux app summit ( is held in barcelona 12-15 nov , so voting for 1st december

So, if you want very brief feedback, the trip to Central Europe can be very long for some, as in, from someparts, it can take 1 or 2 full days on public transport.

If you want longer feedback, there are a few issues to not feel more enthusiastic or prepared to spend 2 to 4 days travelling for a meeting.

For me, the main reason is that, maybe I have not learnt enough tech, or maybe the tech I know has grown too old. I don’t understand some of the issues. I also haven’t managed to get discourse to send me an email with each new message sent here, so I only come and see messages when receiving a reminder and having time coincide so I come and catch up.

And then it is the vaguety of things we can do and collaborate with. I am in a group that only takes donations and will never have a salaried person. So, all this travelling, and whatever other activities I may engage with this network, for me they are always expenses. Never income, never an investment with some hope of remote payback. Which is fine , it is how aktivix has always worked, but it is not an incentive to invest so much energy to have a presential meeting with people from collectives with a different philosophy, i.e. people who either have their traveling expenses paid, and/or count the days they spend on this meeting as working days, and/or consider this expense as one investment in the context of business.

I don’t mean to question the nature of the network, I am only expressing why I would not put a lot more of energy on this, at the same time as being very interested in its success and citing it as a reference for people who are looking for some kind of ethical hosting possibility

Does this poll still make sens ? I started it because we decided so in a chat meeting. Then I did not close it because people in matrix told me they did not have time to answer. But for me there is no november meeting happening. Not enough interest. I guess I’d better shut this poll down…

I’d say maybe put a note on the riot room as notice first … and yes it
has been here long enough for people to make some time to answer.

Thanks for all the work