Online Meeting November 2019

November online meeting.

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Meeting is on… Check #librehosters-meeting on Freenode IRC or on Matrix.

Welcome Hostsharing eG! @juh

how to finish up the CPP and other documents

Please check #todo and #due:2019-12-15

how to respond to low participation in the network

Let’s ping newcomers to the LH network to have a say in the above #todo

I’m sorry that I missed the meeting. I read the chat later.

About de-framasoftisation: LH has a problem CHATONS will have when Framasoft is not doing the job any more. Lack of coordination and communication to the inside, lack of visibility and clarity to the outside.

Concerning the need for IRL meetings for advancing with open tasks: I think @decentral1se 's idea of working groups (mentioned in an other thread) could be a good way to function. A lot of topics are stuck because we don’t know how we should work together in the network. Small groups of 2 or 3 people could take responsibility on a tasks or prepare a topic, the network can then validated what is proposed or work at meetings (IRL or chat or voip…) with what has been prepared.

Thanks a lot for merging. We just had our weekly telefone conference and talked about the Librehoster network. We have some ideas we would like to share in the next couple of days. So see you later.


Let’s see about these working groups then.

I don’t think a WG per se is useful. It must be about something. E.g., maybe the CPP thing is not going through because nobody actually cares about it. Maybe there are other things to do? I would like to hear about why people do not get involved, or rather what they would like to get involved in.