VoIP Gathering June 2019

We will be gathering in Amsterdam , more details soon!

DETAILS: The idea is to gather on Saturday June 15th in Afternoon and also on 16th if needed. The plan is more working meetings like the last time with the goal of moving forward. Likely the same/similar participants as the previous meeting in Brussels. I have space for people to stay if needed. Outcomes should be documented before the online meeting planned for the 16th.

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Shouldn’t we start talking about this? I’m getting ready to come to Amsterdam for the occasion…

the gathering has been scheduled for next week-end, but nothing has been planned so far. should we maintain the meeting? who would participate? I guess NL and BE people…
should we try a voip meeting instead

I guess we are going to reproduce the @realitygaps invasion. :slight_smile:

I am all for it. @realitygaps are you willing to update first post and share what you have in mind?

I activated the RSVP in the event, so you can click “I’m going” under the topic title to indicate your presence.


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I’ve reserved the hackerspace venue that we used for the first meeting for the Saturday afternoon and can do the same for Sunday.


Sorry folks, at current status: I cannot make it.

I hope you do meet and do push the situation forward :slight_smile:


We’re gonna push it real good. :wink:

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Hi there,
the details for the meeting say “June 15th in Afternoon and also on 16th if needed”.
It would be useful to know if we plan to work half a Saturday only or if the meeting is to be more intense.
I’m not very motivated to do the travel only for an afternoon.

Could we clarify this tomorriw (Friday)?

In general I believe that we can do more work session without physical meetings (a chat meeting is not what I mean by work session). I would like it if we mange to advance with more people involved in the building process with less traveling.

Fyi, I did not plan to come to this meeting, and did not indicate so, once I saw the decided date (same as GA at local hackerspace). In what I have seen the last 2 meetings, I trust the group with the decisions :+1:

If not online chat meeting, what kind of meeting do you have in mind? I could be able to join remotely some time on Saturday and Sunday.

I think a combination of VoIP-moments and cowriting-moments can work. We block some hours or even a whole week-end with a predefined group (a real appointment, not a loose “show up or don’t”). I don’t know up to what size this kind of work session can work, but with a group up to 5 people I have good experiences.
Small local groups could also meet physically to connect to the others together.

Let’s try to cover the agenda tomorrow afternoon…

I met @agnez this morning. We propose to gather on Mumble around 2019-06-15T12:00:00Z to get started. We can go through the agenda from post #1.

One thing that would be nice is to adopt the CPP: Commitments, Policies and Processes this week-end. (see that topic).

Getting myself a coffee, then ready to mumble (but where?)

Actually I realized I don’t have a working mumble install at the moment. Framatalk instead?

@agnez I just had @realitygaps on the phone, he needs to postpone to 2019-06-15T14:00:00Z, is that OK? This leaves a bit more time for others to chime in on the CPP topic and also @mattronix will be around.

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Public Meeting

We meet 2019-06-16T16:00:00Z on the #librehosters-meeting on Freenode and Matrix.

Please review the pad at https://pad.libreho.st/gathering_june_2019#

Its actually today Online Meeting June 2019