A Meetings category?

I agree, then we can have a Topic with an agenda + notes per monthly meeting.

We have an #events category where both monthly (online) meetings and bi-monthly (in person) gatherings are created (or moved to). The #events category has an agenda accessible on the toolbar next to “Latest | Top” and a map as well for gatherings.

The direct link to the agenda is https://talk.libreho.st/c/events/l/agenda.

It was my understanding that the Events category was for sharing and discussing general events that might be of interest for the Librehosters community.

The Meetings category would be dedicated for the administrative meetings of the Librehosters network members. And some of these meetings might occur on an event that is listed in the Events category but not all Events will have a Librehosters meeting.

That seemed practical for me because it would results in a dedicated overview of all the Librehosters meetings details, like announcements, dates, meeting notes archive.

If this was only my understanding, then we go for Events.

We could add specific tags (e.g., #lh-meeting, #lh-gathering) to these so that we can easily distinguish them, and keep a single events category which would keep things simpler IMO. Would that work for you @gust?

The rationale here is that a single #events category is easier to keep everything related to meetings, gatherings, workshops, or third party events we might be attending or interested in, all in a single calendar. Yet, tracking tags would enable everyone to reduce their attention span to only events of their interest. Tags can be used as lightweight categories.

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Ok for me. I’m new to Discourse so I will see how Tags works. A single calendar is indeed a plus.

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