A Tools category?

I’m willing to start discussing our tools.

By tools I mean: docker, cachet, synapse, discourse, etc.

I guess it could become a place for topics in the form:

  • post #1 reserved for banner
  • post #2 reserved for topic description
  • post #3 reserved for topic overview (e.g., some kind of wiki page)
  • further posts for discussion

There’s no plugin to implement such a structured topic, so it can be done manually.

Why reserve posts?

The banner feature allows to display the full first post in a topic as a top banner, which requires some graphical wizardry to avoid spoiling the forum. A topic description is quite static, so it does not need to be a wiki. The wiki post is the main content that will evolve with the discussion.

Why banner tools?

It can be attractive to gather solid information on how to do this or that, and such documentation can be an entry point to the librehosters network.

Why not services or fubar?

Yeah, tools seems fine, but you might have other proposals.

Why is it needed?

I can’t stop reading through tons of websites to figure out how to set something up: most of the time something breaks, and it’s useful to share the tricks to make things work without having to rely on external sources.

When I setup a new tool, I assume someone else in the network already has done so, and knows optimizations or caveats, configuration tips, and so on.

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I created the #tools category, per meeting consensus.

The idea of saving the first post for a banner has been dropped since I realized we can create banner topics in #staff that point to any topic, so no need to bother with that.