Approval process on the directory

What is a ? And how do we accept new comers?

We already have one person applying.

I think the question is are we a label, or an informal collective?

I’d say we can start with an informal collective.
To accept a new hoster, all we need is that:

  • it is using libre software
  • somebody from the current network trust him
  • the host adhere to our values

In that case, we can already merge this new comer :slight_smile:

What do you think?

It was suggested to need one or two ‘vouches’ from existing members, which seems to be defined somewhere … friend of friend basis:

so if they are your friends and you know they fit the description of this network I guess go ahead. Maybe put their names (name of their collective/coop) here so it can be documented

I guess “vouching” can take the form of people “thumbing up” on the lab issue. Thumbing up then means you know the people, have reviewed the change and you agree with it.

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Agreed :wink: But you can also comment to explain how you know them, we are human still :stuck_out_tongue:

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Surely one does not replace the other. I didn’t thumb up because I am not sure I know them. Otherwise I am all for adding early adopters.

Sounds fine. However, it may be worth to add some note about organisational structure (for-profit motives? hierarchical structure?). I think we should push ourselves, as early as possible, to define core values (however loose) in some formalised way. A lot of those might be implicit right now through the IRL meeting. I would be happy to join a group who is working on this. For CoTech, this was as short and simple as

Some of the points on LibreHosters kickoff meeting are worth revisiting:


Who is a LH, who is not?

For the moment, as the network is still in buildin phase, participants of the Amsterdam meeting are the members. Others can be vouched for to work with a friends of friends trust method until the network has some more solid definition to accept members more largely.

To be part of the network you should be an active member. What is means is still to be defined, but something like contributin an hour per month … (learning from the CHATONS story)

We talked a bit about requirements to join, or get kicked out. The followint are just loose notes of our chattings, nothing decided yet :

  • Libre Hosters should provide help for each other
  • No hate speech
  • FLOSS (using and producing) also non software stuff we produce should be open
    • OS HAS to be free software
    • give report on proprietary software they are using
    • 100%? can I be a LH if I use 10% non free software? – need to be transparent why the proprietary is necessary, try to improve together
    • drivers are fine
    • sharing documentation
  • transparency of organisation
  • Making money should not be your motivation (not paying more than X times the minimum wage for example)
  • 7 cooperative principles
  • IN COMMON Charter
  • facilitate portability, help users move to and from your server
  • no data mining
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The discussion moved to On-boarding and Leaving Processes following the Gathering to discuss values, governance, criteria and process in Brussels. One of the relevant proposals we applied to Nomagic was to enforce 5 thumbs up from 5 different hosters and no thumb down, with a period of at least one month. The exact wording is on a working document somewhere. Please follow up to On-boarding and Leaving Processes.