Architectural orientation


We are looking for a re-design of our architecture, which is quite old school in fact. As coop of website builders system architecture has never been our focus but we would like to propose a series of new services for organisations as an alternative to GAFAM. Mainly as an answer to things we see around us while doing our website work.
Now we would like to offer -amongst other things- Nextcloud and mail. We are considering to integrate logins so an organisation should only add a new member once and a user can administer just one password for instance.
Not sure whether this is the right place to ask suggestions about such a setup …


Take a look here and look also at opened issues, and let me know what you think :slight_smile:

Basically, we are looking at keycloack + mailu + Nextcloud on kubernetes.


Haha first reaction? ‘Oh my god I am really going to need to learn docker… pff’ :slight_smile:
Of course I do realise that if we want to get in to this business seriously we are going to have to invest some time in it. Right now I don’t have enough basis knowledge to say anything about the concepts you point at, because that is what they are no? Could you point me maybe to some relevant documentation?


Independently of the technology used, you can deploy Nextcloud, OpenLDAP (if you need the same logins with e-mail), an e-mail stack solution (I like Modoboa) and then an SSO provider (e.g. Keycloak).

Docker can be of help there, in that there are already more or less ready recipes. The same goes however to other strategies like ansible (with e.g. LXC as virtualization layer).

Depending on your level of expertise and your time availability, you may want to go with your own solution, or collaborate on one of the proposals here in the network, such as the one from @pierreozoux :wink:


Another (quite new) possibility for mail storage:

Getting relevant documentation is basically typing keywords in a search engine :slight_smile:

Happy learning !