Beautified Librehosters overview

as mentioned on the IRC @perflyst hat asked arround 1:30 if I would like to create a small, beautified, overview of all the Librehosters that are united here. Fast forward a couple of hours, I’ve come up with something small. You can see it here:
What i do in this small script is that I take your and check on the url’s provided. Than I basically bring them in a nice form so that others can enjoy it.
There are a couple of things I’m still not so sure about / that are not perfect at all.

  • The json’s are loaded and parsed on each visit - unnecessary long loading times and processing power that goes away → I’ll implement caching in one form or another.
  • How to manage tagline and descriptions. Some hosters have completely empty / super short descriptions but relatively long taglienes while some have it the other way around. If this goes into production it would, in my opinion, be preferable that everyone has 1, max. 2, sentences in their tagine and everting else in the description.

Kind regards

before I forget, the source code is available here:


nice! thanks for the work :slight_smile:

This looks perfect for a start. Under which subdomain of should we home a canonical instance, if any?

I like the recent remix into


i was just about to share that here :slight_smile: Thanks to klimplant for the original code and to f0x for helping me adapt it to the currently deployed version