BigBlueButton hosted by the The Online Meeting Co-operative

Yesterday the Online Meeting Co-operative agreed to host the first server with Koumbit co-operative in Montreal, Canada :slight_smile:.

We are using Ansible to configure the server and the GPL’d code is hosted in GitLab repos on, we don’t yet have a service up and running but are aiming to for the Open2020 event on 11-12th June.

The co-operative is at an early stage and is open for other to get involved, we would be happy for some Librehosters to join, see the wiki for some more information including about membership and our roadmap plus the Online Meeting Co-operative open Discourse forum:

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If the alpha stage of this project goes well what are the co-operative hosting options in Europe we can explore for the beta stage of the project? @juh this might be something we could explore the possibility of working together on?

Yes, of course!

Currently we provide dedicated BBB servers to meet the data protection requirements of our customers, members.

Your idea is to have an entry to a balanced BBB service with a lot of servers in different locations of the EU?

Do the users of this service have to be members of the coop or do you want to set up a free service as in free beer?

I am very much in favor of the membership model. Funding from a third party gives users the impression that quality services are for free which they are not.

Perhaps, no plans are set in stone, I posted some more thoughts here:

Again we haven’t fully worked this out, but yes, I expect so, I’m in agreement with you on this question.

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