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I wanted to add something about the legal status. In different countries it works a bit different, which might limit people from being involved at LH. For example in Albania where we are established at the moment, having a collective is not known as a legal entity, which brings some issues in terms of managing the legal entity whenever money are involved. Some examples are third party costs (buying hardware, paying for internet connection etc), having a place to work together, invoices etc.
The closest thing would be an association or an NGO, which is really hard to manage in terms of paperwork involved. So, in our case we choose to be established as a company, but this really does not reflect how we run things, which is the definition of a collective. Just wanted to clarify this, because this might be the situation with other entities that want to join LH as well.


Following the organisation of Libre hosters conf 2020 I would like to propose a date for the finalization of the text, at least for the first version. I would propose to gather feedback until August 30th 2020, review the feedback until Sept 7th and finalise everything until Sept 15th 2020. What do you thing?



@xinomilo and others, do you think finalizing the first version of the text can be done in the next 10 days? I saying this because it might be a blocker for Libre Hosters Festival among other things.


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I propose to use the term free and open source software in the text.

The term “free software” was unanimously accepted during the founding meeting as a statement in support of the political engagement of/for free software in comparison with the sweetened “open source” version, or any of its avatars: FOSS, FLOSS, etc. Les Petites Singularités are opposed to changing it to anything that removes the political intention of the network.

We should be talking about minor changes to the text (see #todo), not destroying its original intention or removing any of its radicalism. I am very surprised of this proposal coming from you @nino since I (think I) know your political engagement otherwise.

I think I am unaware of what’s so political about it.

Are you referring to some sort of recuperation of the term foss/floss?

Anyway, I’m not trained in making texts watertight, so carry on, I guess :slight_smile:

I wrote about the political aspects a few years ago:

I guess the philosophical point makes itself if you’re not free to use the term you prefer :wink:

I can live with free software. Not sure where it makes the point against foss/floss? If it’s a marketing scheme from the start, you can’t really be deceived if then it gets recuperated. It’s partially the goal, no?

But can we make it GNU/free software? Thanks :slight_smile: