Libre hosters conf 2020

In our June meeting we discussed having a LH event in late 2020. Here is a topic to discuss that.

An idea we came up with: a distributed conference, with multolocal IRL meets joined in an online conf.

@rskikuli mentioned that some people did already brainstorm on virtual villages and tents with themes … Could you post your outcome here to build on?

Should we start by fixing a date ?
I made a poll here
Not the most handy way for such a large choice of dates , if you know a better date poll let me know :wink:
Should we try to close the poll at July meeting ? If everyone could add their dates befor that would be cool

So, who is up for organizing a local meet? Not involving planes would be awesome.


we use croodle occasionally, specifically this instance :
can’t say if it’s better than framadate, just mentioning it as an alternative… :slight_smile:

as for specific dates, november-december is too far in the future for us, personally i could post availability a few weeks before scheduled dates, not earlier… so, i just put unavailable dates, i already know i couldn’t attend.
also with corona still around, i don’t know how a local meet would go ahead… even without planes…

I do not think a distributed LH event would gather more people locally than any previous gathering we’ve made so far. If such restrictions were to happen by the end of the year, I would probably take it to the streets and throw rocks at the fascist militia enforcing them.

you really shouldn’t wait for corona to throw rocks at any fascist militia :wink:

just sayin that there are 2 sides in this…
capitalist side, wanting things(=money) to move around even if we all have to “drink chlorine”, and those who just want to be free to go out… i’m ok with the 2nd option, just don’t trust capitalists to do the right thing…
and there are doctors (friends of mine), telling me that corona is still around and has never left… i tend to trust them more that any boss/militia/internet hoax.

Why do you think I refer to some hoax? I have my own brains and can think for myself thank you. I do not trust the capitalists to do the right thing either, because they’ve been showing for over 500 years than they do not respect life, and the phase we’re in is especially violent and repressive; so surely there’s not as many (accounted for) deaths as before from wars, but in the meantime, it’s still forbidden to assemble in the streets in France (talk about fascism) while movie theaters reopened. One day after another, the Constitutional Council is breaking down the laws that made it through the “global threat” of COVID-19. It’s interesting to see how the fall of USSR left a hole that was filled in by global terrorism, and when it became too apparent that terrorists kill less than peanuts, another invisible enemy inherited the semantics of war, which, I repeat, concern States – there’s no war without States, if you believe the Rule of Law.

And to me, the “capitalist side” is not “wanting things”: desire is not capitalist ; capitalism is extracting value everywhere, it should be called not an economic regime but a chrematistic regime – a regime of accumulation – which shares more with COVID-19 or Cancer than with salivating in front of an ice cream or moving around. Capitalism is an enemy of life, it acts like a virus, colonizing its host, maybe giving it the impression it grows, to suck its blood in the end ; and capitalism is only one aspect of patriarchy and colonization.

To decolonize the Internet, I probably want to decolonize my body first, and enjoy my antibodies while I can, since I feel part of the antibodies to capitalism. So surely, your doctor friends are right, but I don’t think global confinement and the virtualization of the economy further into the hands of global digital corporations and the banks is going to help go through this or the next sanitary crisis.

And if you really do not want to have any contact with other humans, you can as well help coordinate the offline meetings online :slight_smile: