Libre hosters conf 2020

Sounds like /run but I don’t know how you relate to what I posted above.

I’m trying to explain what I had in mind with my proposal for Libre Hosters Festival. I’m not sure how to respond to the connection between fighting capitalism and organizing a get-together, a festival, a gathering where we share ideas in different ways, different languages about something I guess we spend quite some time on a daily basis. I’m strongly opinionated on a large spectrum of political issues, but I don’t feel comfortable talking about these issues at this thread at this stage without even agreeing on proceeding with the festival. I’m relatively new here and to be honest I was quite excited to the idea, but I don’t see how i can contribute more to the discussion without repeating what i have already mentioned. Or maybe here is one more idea: we both could host a session about the connection between capitalism, privileges and Libre Hosters in a dedicated session of the festival. What do you think?


I was talking specifically about the festival. You’re making this complicated.
Can you please clarify what do you think of the original proposal of this topic, that is to connect local gatherings?

Let me rephrase: I understand that your national situation makes it difficult or dangerous to organize local events, but that also makes you in position to coordinate online. So, knowing all that we know, are you Ok with helping coordinate local events elsewhere and make this online coordination working for you and your community?

Yes, I’d love to help online and offline local events as long as:

  • all the activities (on & off line) to be reflected on an online calendar so that everyone knows when happens what and can plan a bit ahead;
  • having a name for the event so that we all refer to the same thing and dates when things will happen and people plan a bit in advance before (I proposed Libre Hosters Festival);
  • all activities are ‘on topic’, which could be the same topics with the ones we talk here at the libre hosters community/network.

I was wondering what the other members think of the proposal. It would help also avoiding monopolizing the discussion only between the two of us :slight_smile:

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@agnez is there a decision on the vote in relation to the dates?
For our team December is the month of another regional event and it would be exhausting to be in the organizing teams for both events at the same time.
Thank you.


Hello again friends, I was thinking to start working on the website for the event and also for the announcement of the call for speakers/workshop hosts and local & side events. If there are any thoughts on this, proposals or someone wants to join the efforts please ping me here. The idea is to use floss tools for the implementation of course. If the domain name will be who should I ping?


Do we really need a dedicated website? Discourse can serve to host one topic per activity. A static page can aggregate those in a friendly manner.

Probably @chrisc.

In my opinion it helps communicate the event outside the usual suspects. If we want to present the importance of LibreHosting to slightly more people communicating all the elements of the festival in a dedicated (sub)domain and a microsite might help newcomer understand better what is it all about, how it works .
In my perspective forums are a great tool for discussion, but if you want to get the only the basic information (what, when, where, how, who etc) without the long thread on a specific forum topic, a microsite might be a bettor way of presenting such information.


@rskikuli I should still have access to add dns records, if you give me a website for the festival to dump on the librehost server I can do that too, we can also try arrange a pipeline for autodeployment of changes.


Hey there, we don’t talk much with @pierreozoux but @rskikuli you have, as you already know, our support in this :wink:
Pierre is still planning to do his part as discussed and convert the openpublishingfest website as a static site with Hugo.

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Thank you @unteem. I’m really excited about this! I’m working on a proposal for the text with @silva.arapi and will share them later this week. I also think we need some promo graphics - I’m talking with a friend who might help about this.



Friends, I was working on gathering some ttext for the event and found out that we might need a Code of Conduct. There are two proposals that I’ve been exposed so far:

I think both work well and are licensed under a permissive license. @unteem let’s use the one from OPF for the website starters and if there are disagreements we can easily change it.


In terms of website pages below are the proposed pages for the website of the festival:

What do you think?


Calendar can be the one from the dedicated Discourse category - with a topic per activity.

CoC we have a topic pending the validation of CPP.

People / Moments can be topics…

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I wanted to follow-up on this more, but this wall-of-text discussing commas is a bit much for me.

If I can help with something specifically just send me a PM.

Oh and personally I prefer libre or free ánd open source software, because that’s the most self-explanatory, to mean freedom. But my bad for not commenting on the CCP.

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Indeed a lot of posts in this thread @nino. Do you think a dedicated call with everyone interested in getting organized for this would help? If yes, maybe later this week?
Have a nice week everybody :slight_smile:


Reading is faster than calling and keeps everyone in the loop

Different people digest the information in different ways and have different preferences in terms of interacting with each other. I don’t see what issues might be generated from calls that are well documented with notes, which are shared with the other members, but I don’t insist. Meeting each other (even virtually) in my experience with communities creates bonds and lasting relationships, but I might be wrong and again I won’t insist.
In another note, I’d like to propose to proceed with the design of the posters and promo materials for the festival. If there are any concerns about this, or if someone wants to lead the process please let me know the soonest. Thanks.


Sure, if you say “with everyone interested” you need to coordinate, which is why I find text more effective.

Happy with you going on with the design, but remember that we use “free software” in the cpp for a reason.

And thank you for making things moving!

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Hi @rskikuli

I’m sorry, I did not follow up with the poll as reactions to it where denying. I left for holidays in august thinking this poll is good for the dustbin…
But as we decided in a chat meeting in june to decide on a date by poll (that’s why I put it up), and some people are interested in a LH meeting in 2020: why not using it’s result: 5/6/7 November where voted by 7 participants.

So I guess that could be our date…