Easy Provisioning of new Librehosts


I was setting up my own cooperative server for a few friends and myself (running the usual: NextCloud, etc), and I noticed just how easy docker is to setup. I configured practically nothing, and everything basically just worked. The only configuration I had to do was to copy and paste an nginx proxy_pass line and pick a subdomain.

It made me wonder, are there tools to make this even easier? I see “self hosting platforms” with app stores, but all (?) of them require custom configuration in addition to docker.

I’m kind of imagining software that lets you drop a bunch of docker-compose.ymls and the least possible amount of configuration into a folder, and have an entire network of selfhosted apps already provisioned and ready to go. Does something like this exist?


That’s why we develop http://libre.sh since almost 5 years :wink:

Feel free to try and ask questions here or on GitHub, or on our matrix channel :slight_smile:


Their goal (thinking of FreedomBox and YunoHost) is that you don’t need manual configuration so that “normal users” are able to manage a server. They don’t specialize in docker afaik but that should not concern the user as the webGUI installs, configures and updates the software you want.