Experiences and recommendations using Discourse for organising

I was going to send a private message (@ @how ;)) and then I thought that maybe this is a better idea to see if others also have experiences on this topic.

So, I am organising with a food cooperative and I am installing a second hand server at their place and we will use https://yunohost.org/#/ to arrange all the technology requirements of the coop. That’s all fine and good.

I want to propose Discourse as the main place where we can interact both publicly and privately so people only have to use one tool when communicating. I have to come to regard Discourse as a very powerful platform (from using here!) but with a somewhat sharp learning curve. OTOH, it appears to provide the lowest common denominator for those non-technical users: to only interact via a mailing list.

I have found some “use case” guides but they are very product focused. So, I have questions for those who provide and organise with Discourse:

  1. In which ways do you use discourse?
  2. What role does it play and how do users perceive it? What about less technical users?
  3. How reliable is the upstream? Are there some red flags in the stack, governance, etc.?

Would be great to hear more about this before I have to learn it all the hard way :slight_smile:

I think Discourse is great, the main issue with it, which might not be an issue for you, it that it needs a VPS and at least 3GB of RAM to run it well.

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