FOSDEM / OFFDEM 2020 Planning

FOSDEM is a free event for software developers to meet, share ideas and collaborate.

Every year, thousands of developers of free and open source software from all over the world gather at the event in Brussels.

The CFP has started:


The FOSDEM program is out and I don’t see any talk or meeting related librehosters. Who is coming to Brussels?

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There’s OFFDEM where we can host a meeting, also with people from InfraRED and CHATONS.

@realitygaps is hosting the Decentralized Internet and Privacy Devroom on Sunday, so we’d better meet on Friday or Saturday (or Monday), but OFFDEM is only on Saturday and Sunday.

@pierreozoux will also be there, celebrating 5 years of Indie.Host! Watch out!

I might come from Marseille if train are running …


ill be at on monday also, so cant meet then

We wanted to present as well, but didn’t get approval :slight_smile: How do we submit for OFFDEM ? :stuck_out_tongue:

There’s not really a submission to OFFDEM. We still thinking about bringing intersectional topics, v but otherwise the prices is quite open, where your already intervened :grinning:

Who’s up for a meeting between Librehosters and InfraRED during OFFDEM?

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I will be there and would love to catch up with other libre hosters :slight_smile:


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I wiil be there. Would be great to meet. I will arrive to Bruxelles on friday night and leave on monday afternoon.

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Please pass by the :birthday: party on Friday night! @pierreozoux has yet to post an announcement, but it will take place in a cool space called Labokube.

Hi, should we try to fix a LH appointment ? Breakfast, lunch, teatime or dinner together ?
Who can make it when ?

  • 1/2 9:30
  • 1/2 12:30
  • 1/2 16:30
  • 1/2 20:00
  • 2/2 9:30
  • 2/2 12:30
  • 2/2 16:30
  • 2/2 20:00

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For me the LH appointmet can be a Librehosters - InfraRED meeting. @how you want to invite InfraRED to fill in the poll? Or you have an other idea how to decide on the right moment?

I don’t think a single appointment will work since all people have different things to do and to attend during the weekend. IMO the first meeting point should be :birthday: party.

Sunday is probably not going to work since there’s the Decentralized Internet devroom at FOSDEM organized by @realitygaps and others.

Saturday evening there’s a dinner at OFFDEM but probably not a good moment for a gathering among ourselves. It leaves Saturday during the day – competing with the SocialHub – or Sunday after 17:00 (closing of FOSDEM).

ok no LH as such then

I do not understand your response. What is “LH as such”, and what is the causality that makes you add “then”?

Since a lot of people arrive on Friday evening, we could have a first point of contact at Labokube for’s 5th birthday. Late nighters can pursue at fukami’s party downtown.