Future of documents


there is this event this afternoon - about documentation of commons, and it’s been sometimes at IndieHost we think about it, and so we wanted to discuss about it here.

First look at this image from this website, and then, look at these documents:

Check these 3 bullets, feel free to edit the document directly, or comment here about specific parts.

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You may wish to link to this website https://iilab.github.io/contentascode/ and not to this image https://talk.libreho.st/uploads/short-url/gdk3zMZZpLR0dLRS8lsuokzDEwg.png in your first link.

I like how https://www.fiduswriter.com/ integrates real-time and track changes workflows, like Google Docs does. You can help me running our own instance in :slight_smile:

This is not the Content as Code workflow as developed with iilab, but shows an environment usable today.

Your pad is a great starting point for defining further requirements. And thanks for including TransforMap :wink:

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This was a typo, it is now corrected.

Hehe, I’ve been checking everything lately, and I already stumbled upon this one :slight_smile: especially because of the template feature.
But actually, I realized that @unteem already did the job here:
https://www.lamyne.org/admin with netlify CMS, it is really good, I really like it :wink:

We are actually thinking, on how to integrate all these things together.
What is a person, what is a group, what is an event, what is a document. To help end user, we need these things to be unic, and synced among the different tools (Nextcloud, chat, forum, oIdP, website, kanban, gitlab…)

We start to have a nice vision/idea, we have to start the requirements phase, and then the mockups :wink: