Host provider -----------


I’m looking for a new hosting provider.
that accepts monero
or not

Would like to stay away from ovh and hetzner, but can’t spend more than 50 euro a month and would want a dedicated machine.
Privacy friendly providers accepted :smiley:

Some projects:
dovecot on ceph
some ruby apps


I havent used them but maybe fit the bill. Most places are far more expensive for dedicated boxes, so likely these sorts of deals mostly appear somewhere like


why them?


Slovakia?? They seem to be based in the Netherlands according to their about page (
It was just a suggestion that seemed to fit your requirements somewhat, I dont have any experience with them.


Sorry my bad, I didn’t check the website, just based on the URI, SK = Slovakia

Not sure if I’m fond of the Netherland’s data retention laws and especially their co-operation with the USA especially FBI (can I say things like this here? :wink: )


so they can’t be based on the USA or EU? (data retention laws are or should be same all over EU)

What is your log policy?

Hmmm, yeah rather not, but especially not countries that seem to have some sort of extra-legal collaboration with any 5-eyes country.

Not that I’m going to be hosting illegal stuff, but what’s the use of trying to have a privacy-friendly stack when you can get MITM at layer 1