Hostsharing published a report on sustainability and common good

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Hostsharing published a report on sustainability. The report complies with the recommendations of the Gemeinwohl-Ökonomie e.V. (ECG Economy for the Common Good:

The report is written in German only, sorry.

This was a long way to go. I hope that in the future we can spend more time on Librehosters.

To the news:

Direct link to the pdf:


Could you maybe summarize the main findings in English? ( may help)

The report is structured according to the common good matrix. The main structure is based on the stakeholders, subsections are based on four values. For example D is the chapter about customers and business partners. The fourth subsection is about transparency and co-determination, so chapter D4 is about customer participation and product transparency.

Because of this structure our chapters are quite concise. You can copy and paste the text to deepl if you are interested in a special topic.

We became interested in sustainability some years ago. We made some research to evaluate the different organizations that standardize the reporting or the certification. We finally joined the economy for the common good because their scope is a little bit broader than other sustainability concepts and it fits better to what we do and what we are. Especially solidarity, social justice and co-determination are values that we share as a cooperative.

I can summarize some personal findings I made during the work. Not all of them are explicitly stated in the report.

  1. We are too small to have an impact on our suppliers beyond the fact that we can change the supplier if it is not sustainable enough. To make an impact we have to organize, which is were Librehoster can help if the organization grows.

  2. our relationship to owners (B), employees ©, customers (D) and the social environment (E) is heavily influenced by the fact that we are a cooperative where owners are customers and employees at the same time as we all are members of the cooperative. I would dare to say that cooperatives are a good foundation for an economy of the common good.

  3. as we are an open cooperative everyone (E) can benefit from the advantages of our services by becoming a member. If the cooperative grows the common good is growing as more and more people benefit from our common infrastructure.

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