Identity Management Alternatives to Keycloak

Ory may be a nice alternative to Keycloak, since the latter is quite a mess to upgrade and Java always frightens me. I’m looking into alternatives, and this one developed in Go using a micro-services architecture might be just what (I) need. Do you have experience with it? What do you think, and how would you go from K to O? is based on hydra from what I remember.

The issue is that you have to build the frontend.

Also considering alternatives at $job. Will also look at Ory and these:

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I’ve been testing Authentik. It looks good and feels much simpler than Keycloak, although I quite wonder why separate providers and applications if they work in pairs and must be configured 1/1.

I have one thing left to do with some services: switching from Keycloak to Authentik does not merge the existing accounts and something must be done to link the new accounts to the old, but I did not look into it yet. E.g., for HedgeDoc and Matrix (Element). Did you try making this happen and can you share a howto?