Introductions thread!

I am @rialtate , a member of the Allied Social coop that runs

We would like to join under the name.

Zot Host is a service that provides turnkey managed hosting for Zot open source applications (Hubzilla and Zap for now, but we’ll consider adding any new ones that pop up!)

Similar services exist for other federated protocols, but until now, none existed for Zot. We hope to ease the friction inherent in trying out open source platforms for non-technical users or even for those who just can’t be arsed.

We offer pricing that is very competitive with DIY VPS so we hope to make it super easy and therefore spread Zot more.



I am @ceda_ei from Webionite. I am a student and have interest in programming and system administration. I host a few services ( for myself and anyone interested.


I’m f0x, and I used to run
Since then a few things changed, and was removed after this incident:

A few months ago I restarted under a different name, and I present to you: Pixie Town
Most services are the same, like Matrix, Mastodon, Gitea and Mumble. WriteFreely will be set up soon™
I have a co-admin now, mainly for Mastodon moderation but they’ll also get system access when I get to it. is ran out of my pocket, I receive some donations but they’re not mandatory and don’t cover the cost

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hey all,

this is Dimitris from Stin Priza tech coop ( - site in greek lang only atm), based in Athens, GR since 2012. We mainly do paid work for hw repairs (lab) and web (shared/vps hosting , building wordpress/drupal websites, domains registration). While we mainly provide paid services, we also host/maintain some public ones (searx, tor relay), do some free hosting for collectives/activists (vanilla forums, websites), and also involved in recycling/reusing old hardware. Web services are hosted in hetzner’s dedicated servers in Germany.
we use free software exclusively for web, but lab has to work with proprietary (windoze) systems as well…
we really like the idea behind librehost… had a look about a year ago, but it wasn’t clear at the time if coops would be accepted… catching up to that discussion now, as we saw some other similar coops participating in the network…

MR (just now) :

cheers/solidarity to @ll,
dimitris, for stinpriza tech collective.


Hello! :wave: I’m Doug.

I co-founded and continue to live at/develop Kanthaus, a common house dedicated to “promoting sharing and reducing waste”. We provide a physical platform for for-purpose workers, a ‘material basic income’ if you will.

Reducing food waste and developing open-source tools for in-real-life cooperation seem to be our biggest focus area, with people working on and through, Karrot dot world, Trustroots dot org, Trichter dot cc, Inventaire dot io to name a few (Sorry, can only put two links as it’s my first post)

We use a whole bunch of services, some are hosted, some we host.

I’m not a sysadmin/devops person, only doing a little bit of development myself. I’m particularly interested in how tools can liberate real-life collectives to escape the cognitive limits of the human condition! (Not in a dystopic, transhumanist sense ha)


Hey everyone! Nice to be here!
I’m part of the team at Cloud68, and we wanted to say hi.

Allow me to briefly introduce Cloud68:
We offer various open source platforms, and we’re adding more to the list day by day!
As a team who have been active for a long time now on the issues of Online Privacy and Free Libre Open Source Software, we really wanted to come up with a solution that would enable our friends to get back control over their data, while also working on an area we love and are really passionate about.

We also have an MR here:



I’m eth01 (freenode) and I am the founder of which is a provider of free cloud computing services to the free open source software community. We offer virtual machines and other such services to assign projects, of any demographic, size. We offer professional and high quality compute to help projects grow, build and develop.

– eth01 /

Dear All is a not-for-profit provider of free to use cloud-based hosting to the open source community. These services are exclusively for the open source community and we operate within the community identifying start up projects eligible for our support. Fosshost is privately funded and offers high quality, cloud computing power for development, testing and production use.

We operate several cloud computing platforms which enables fosshost to deliver our services at rapid speed, globally. Our founder has experience that has lasted for more than a decade running successful cloud hosting companies. This experience enables the project to provide high quality, best-of-class platforms to grow your project.

We seek to invest in your project to share the passion and dedication of the fellow community. We do not and never will, ask, request or generate any financial return or investment from our service. All that we ask is that you consume our service in an honest and transparent manner, and do not violate our ToS. We respect internet anonymity, and all our services include full encryption and VPN access.
We believe in free, open source clean software and commit to every project that we help, of our commitment to full transparency with our service. We work hard to build stable and high-performance platforms that will support your project.

In addition to our hosting services, we provide an incubation programme to projects that require early adoption and auxiliary services to complement our cloud compute initiative.
We are not affiliated with any corporate provider of cloud computing and do not receive any sponsorship, which means that we are agnostic and independent. We are run by volunteers for volunteers and for the greater good of the open source community.

Kind regards,

** I am eth01 on freenode IRC


I don’t find any hint on their site, who is running the project except a Thomas aka eht01.
A whois reveals that is running on Cloudflare. Not really transparent. Not my understanding of libre hosting.


Thanks for your feedback. I am the founder of fosshost

We are building a new community within freenode that you are more than welcome to join #fosshost

There is no reason we use CloudFlare other than for their free DNS services, but this is up for debate.

– eth01

I’m been chatting with them in #fosshost and we are looking at switching to using the Webarchitects DNS servers.

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This has now been completed, we are now no longer using CloudFlare


Hi there, my name is Redon and I am currently based in Tirana. I work with @kominoshja as part of the collective that runs since 2019.
I am co-founder of Open Labs hackerspace and a long time contributor to different FLOSS projects including OpenStreetMap, Wikimedia, LibreOffice and Nextcloud to mention a few.
Really happy to join you all here :slight_smile:



Hi! I am dwemerx.

I am the founder of, a collection of FOSS RSS services. The project started because I struggled to find free privacy-friendly RSS services and this is an attempt to fix it. Everything about this project is open source.


Hello, i’m skrlet13 and I admin , Libre services aimed to Chilean people, but anyone is welcome.

I use vainilla Mastodon, Mumble, Trunk, Plume and Friendica.

Thanks for everything!


Hello, i’m Bofh and I administer the infrastructure of, A collection of Libre services hosted on private infrastructure on Bilbao (Basque Country), everyone is welcome but we prefer to promote the use of this services to the Spanish Speaking people in general.

The whole list of my services is on

Thanks for taking me into account!




I’m Lio from librehosting collective (compote in Slovenian) from Ljubljana, Slovenia. We are (self)hosting a few services on our own infrastructure (nextcloud, wiki, email, matrix, kanban, more will be added soon (mailing lists, git, mobilizon)). We are committed to free and libre software and we try to make our users involved into the organizational process.

(I’m also co-host of a radio show Techno enema about IT and regulation of it from free software perspective and some of you probably know me because I’ve contacted you.)



I’m Jurij, also from, looking forward to meeting up.
Online for now, but AFK too when circumstances permit!

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I’m Xavier, from OpenCraft, one of the main contributors of the Open edX project, a MOOC platform. We host it and contribute changes to the project on behalf of users.

I’m here to participate in the discussion about creating a MOOC for contributing to free software, but curious about the rest too :slight_smile:

NB: I’m currently limited at 3 posts on that thread, which is a bit limiting - what do I need to do to raise that limit? (Or let us know if that’s inadequate to discuss this here, we can also move :slight_smile: )


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In order to lift the limit you need to spend time on the forum. Reading around for about ten minutes should bring your to trust level one that lifts the limits. By the time you read this your probably have done it already.

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