As most of you may know, s a tool to install and manage hosted applications on a virgin docker server

v1 use docker-compose

You can find details on

I tried to reboot the project recently to have a working V1 in the next weeks.

a application is mainly a docker-compose recipe + some script for common tak ( install/backup/monitor etc…)

an example is nextcloud

I will try to update this post ferquently to reflect the status of the project.

Who is using v1 right now ?

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New Feature : Legacy Import

Welcoming benjamin from Ekimia on the project, we started a very useful feature :

Restore from legacy backup

The idea behind this feature :

  • One has an application installed on a classic linux virtual machine
  • He has ssh access and wants this application to be transfered on a v1 host.
  • We develop 2 script : 1 for backup , 1 for restore
  • the backup script produce an archive containing all directories for app data
  • The restore function will be integrate as “import” argument in libre provision function.
  • This will enable to create directly a new application with the volumes data initialised with backup data

New release of : 1.1

I’m very happy to announce the release of script 1.1 , few changes :

  • Make it work on any environement
  • Create an installer

Next version 1.2 is due at the end the next week ( 15/03/20 ) :

The main feature will be : " I want to install version X.Y of this application for this client , instead of today where only the latest application recipe in the repo if used

A meeting about development is held every wednesday afternoon 4PM french time, please confirm your presence by adding your name to the list , thanks

Hey, I looked into the repositories in search for a proper setup for an identity provider, e.g., using Keycloak. I found an empty repository.

I know @mattronix is pretty good with this. I really need to setup my IdP on to start using it across many different Discourse instances in the meantime of their ActivityPub implementation. I’m totally missing something about using Keycloak as the source for users and would appreciate some help.

It would be of great help if we could turn this empty repository into something solid that Librehosters can use.

Maybe this can help?

New release of libre 1.2

See milestone

**This brings some improvement that enable to just do now : **

libre provision -a prestashop -u -t version -e -s

Which install prestashop version and make the admin account

New features

the email of the futur admin of the app to be installed is available in env ADMIN_EMAIL

You can now gives this email with the -e argument of the provision function

In server env , you can set APP_REPO_URL to as the repo for apps ( git repo)

default value :

You can now gives the branch of the app repo with the -t argument of the provision function

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