Librehosters at 35c3

We have registered an assembly for 35c3 in Leipzig in December

We’ll be a part of the komona cluster -

I asked for 20 seats and we have 4 tables there. Come join us if you are attending! It would be nice to continue our discussions there and also schedule some voip moments like at the last gathering for those who cant join in person.

Also would be nice to have some.ideas what to do at the assembly, perhaps a hosting helpdesk for advice for example and/or workshops on running services or similar. We can also schedule presentations in the komona schedule and present stuff in the domes, and I think we should at least present the project at some point in their schedule.

Are you coming? Do you have awesome ideas for the assembly? Of course you do, add them below :slight_smile:


I’ll be there! (no ideas yet)

Well done! This is a very important initiative to keep the fires burning!

Off the top of my head:

  • Can we get more CHATONS members to join and share experiences in a discussion.
  • A similar event to ‘whiskey leaks’ where people just come to get wasted and talk about mad plans.
    • Terrible ideas for names: Nagios NightCaps, Tail -f Tequilas, Remote Backup Baileys, etc.
  • Workshops around tricky subjects like centralised logging, remote de-duplication backups, security etc.
    • Anything you basically have in your contractual agreement that has to be rock solid
    • In my experience there is no shared solution and many people are not aware of other ‘best practices’
  • Participatory planning, organisation, governance discussion. We have a nice quote going around Aptivate lately which I think might be relevant and might prompt a discussion around ethics, rights based approaches and organsation:

“We are a deeply participatory organisation. We believe in the rights
of people to have a say in decisions that affect them. We see that an
organisation’s software systems encode their processes and as such
mediate human relationships and represent power structures. From this
perspective User Centred Design becomes a rights based imperative
rather than simply an industry best practice. In short it is the
mission of our organisation to address the needs and give voice to the
users of the systems we build.”

  • On a less abstract level, we could host some discussion on furthering LibreHosters specific organisational details like how to drive a governance model, how to talk about participation, vision, goals, movitation, next steps etc. I am sure this will be done informally but it might be nice to formalise these items into an agenda.

OK, that’s enough random ideas from me. I am happy to co-help to drive anything for this assembly. If anyone needs me to help in whatever capacity, I can do my best from Rotterdam and in person, I will be arriving late on the 26th and leaving late on the 30th.

PS. I hope everyone from here, who wanted, got a ticket and if not, let’s try to organise that.

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I won’t go to Congress. I wish you a great meeting and would love that we can follow what’s going on from this Discourse instance.

If I can convince my manager to give me unpaid holiday I’ll try to come !

Just need some clarity on where I could stay ! And could I still get a voucher?

Theres no vouchers anymore and the last tickets sold out a few days ago. So unless you know someone with a spare ticket, its going to be difficult to get one. Maybe someone here can help?

I’d like a tail -f tschunk event :stuck_out_tongue:

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We arent taking money at the assembly so i guess you are sponsoring :slight_smile: tschunk is everywhere at congress tho zo maybe we can do better cocktailwise. Theres also usually a cocktailbar at anarchist assembly which is right nextdoor…

Had this idea for ‘fireside chats’ about relevant topics like backup, encryption, etc… Trying to see if we can bring the LED fireplace from , is anyone driving from .nl or nearby that may have space for it?

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If you hear about a ticket, I’ll drive :slight_smile:

Hey @decentral1se, I passed the invitation on the CHATONS forum, but with no reaction so far.

I would be glad if you manage to have some constructive discussions during congress that help build the network further. Could you imaging working on a charter/adapting the CHATONS charter or on other definitions of who should be able to be part of the network ? What are the conditions to join to stay etc…

Concerning voip appointments: it would be great if we could at least set one real appointment in beforehand, so that those who want to participate from a distance don’t need to block all 4 days to be able to join the voip moment. Do you think that’s possible for your programme plannings?

@decentral1se where does the quote about the organisation come from ?

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Great, great, great, thanks!

Indeed! I think this is a great idea for a session. We have just spent some time in London on Thurs/Fri discussing this for the UK network and some notes are here (with some more on that over here too). It has already been 2 years of that network existing and we only move towards getting a membership agreement, roles, responsibilities etc. I hope we’re all here for the long run :smile:

It is from a co-worker. He says nice things!

Theres now a cfp open for komona cluster that we are part of, it would be nice to do a presentation about librehosters there, who would be interested in helping with this?

The komona talks system is at . Theres likely also space for other workshops and sessions, any ideas?

Also am still trying to coordinate borrowing the fireplace still from the hackerspace and transport possibilities.

Hi there !

My name is Aleks and I’m from the YunoHost project. I’m organizing a small workshop about self-hosting with YunoHost as a self-organized session (c.f. page on the 35C3 wiki).

Somehow it looks like I must choose an assembly to process my proposal (not 100% clear to me tho :stuck_out_tongue:). You guys seem to be the closest assembly to the topic so I’m wondering if you’d agree that I select your assembly :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: !

In any case that’s also a good opportunity to say Hi! and that it’s cool to see LibreHosters at the 35C3 :smile: ! I am myself close to a french CHATON in Strasbourg, called (which could be translated to ‘No-Cloud’ or ‘Without-Cloud’). It would be nice meeting you during the 35C3 !

Hi Aleks,

Welcome! You are definitely welcome to run a workshop at our assembly. We also have some domes in the komona cluster available for sessions and workshops if you need more space than we have at our assembly.

Yunohost and other hosting projects (and chatons) are more than welcome to join us and hang out and also to use our space and facilities. We would be glad to help facilitate anything we can help with.


Hi !

In terms of space, for now I announced the workshop in Lecture room M1 as suggested for the self-organized session. I’m not sure how the assembly space is, but a clear requirement for the workshop is to have a ~quiet space :sweat_smile:.

To clarify : I’m not understanding this 100% but I believe what I must fill in the CCC form relates to the assembly that will process (i.e. review and validate ?) my proposal, and does not relate to the space being used.

Which doesn’t stop us from having fun and beers at the assembly itself though :stuck_out_tongue:

Hi @realitygaps, will the workshop about centralized logging take place?
I’m looking forward to the assembly

Hi everyone, happy new year!

I think it would be nice to give a little summary of what happened at 35c3 for those who have no been there. If there is anything written you could gather links to that here.
Or maybe we could even have a voip appointment where those who have been there tell us others what we missed, what had been going on and what’s to keep and take further from that meeting ?

Would love to hear every detail :slight_smile: