LibreHosters kickoff meeting

LibreHosters kickoff meeting

November 8, 2018November 11, 2018 in Amsterdam

This gathering started the LibreHosters’ Network.
It is at this point a loose network in building up phase. We draw rough lines of coould should be part of the network and how to function together.

index of pads

Who participated

IRL in Amsterdam

at a distance

participating partly via VoIP and chat

We defined our Values

  • we strive to run only Free software
  • decentralization
    • federation
  • public sharing of knowledge and things you are building/common good
  • transparency
  • privacy
    • (logs?)
  • Data portability
  • fairness (money)
  • no (profit via) ads
  • solidarity
    • other librehosters
    • aspiring librehosters
    • users
  • no hate / ethical-wrong speech
  • cooperation
  • diversity

Make the network work

Hereunder some first lines to draw the network. Next gatherings will continue in the construction.


Decision making model

The above is open for input but required for now because:

A bad solution is worse than no solution. To prevent letting issues rot leading to discourage and leaving of members because no decision is being made. For this a decision making model is required but it should be seen as a necessary evil. When it reaches this point it should be considered a red flag as it reveals there are issues in the group dynamic of the librehosters network.


Who is a LH, who is not?

For the moment, as the network is still in buildin phase, participants of the Amsterdam meeting are the members. Others can be vouched for to work with a friends of friends trust method until the network has some more solid definition to accept members more largely.

To be part of the network you should be an active member. What is means is still to be defined, but something like contributin an hour per month … (learning from the CHATONS story)

We talked a bit about requirements to join, or get kicked out. The followint are just loose notes of our chattings, nothing decided yet :

  • Libre Hosters should provide help for each other
  • No hate speech
  • FLOSS (using and producing) also non software stuff we produce should be open
    • OS HAS to be free software
    • give report on proprietary software they are using
    • 100%? can I be a LH if I use 10% non free software? – need to be transparent why the proprietary is necessary, try to improve together
    • drivers are fine
    • sharing documentation
  • transparency of organisation
  • Making money should not be your motivation (not paying more than X times the minimum wage for example)
  • 7 cooperative principles
  • IN COMMON Charter
  • facilitate portability, help users move to and from your server
  • no data mining

Collaboration tools - A discourse instance for discussions, we hope to move much of the chat discussion to this tool to enable people to better follow and collaborate - A gitlab instance for developing tools - A keycloak instance for authentication, this also allows other collectives to use their own credentials to login via saml on tools - A codimd pad for collaborating on documents (requires an account and doesnt allow anonymouus edits at present, and with login means we can see who is editing what)

Next meetings

35C3 - December 2018 in Leipzig/Germany

  • Assembly
  • Presentation
  • Member meeting to go on with constucting the network (+voip for distant participants)

FOSDEM - February 2019 in Brussels/Belgium

  • Member meeting probably on friday before fosdem

@a9i I could not find the link to Cloud Me Up. Can you add it yourself to the post above?

I’ll add the link as soon as the CloudMeUp community landing page will be available (deadline 9th December).
I apologize: we’re still in an early stage, and most of the effort is on content rather than on presentation.
Luckily things are changing also under the pressure of Fosdem (@hotzeplotz has submitted a talk proposal) and of librehosters network (we have to be good citizens).
That’s fine: the right dose of stress seems to be eustress:slight_smile:

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