Librehosters presence on Liberapay

As discussed in today’s meeting (notes here), I created a Liberapay Team for the librehosters. When I invited @perflyst, he pointed out that it was actually supposed to be a Community instead. After creating that, I found that anyone could join with the click of a button and there was no mechanism to remove them. It was already agreed that the network doesn’t want to take donations as a whole, that it would be better to receive them on individuals’ pages. However, there isn’t a way to prevent the team from receiving donations or the members from claiming them.

That leaves us with three options that I can see:

  1. Keep the community that anyone can join and just deal with it
  2. Keep the team and either:
    - State that we don’t want donations in the description
    - Revise our previous consensus, take donations, and discuss how to divvy them up
  3. Don’t have a presence on Liberapay ¯\(ツ)

I’ve linked to them above but I’ll do so down here as well.

Why not email liberapay and ask them to remove the team so you can create a community?

The team is automatically removed once its members leave so that’s not an issue. The problem with communities is that anyone can join by clicking Join and we wouldn’t be able to keep organisations that aren’t part of the network from joining. Communities are open to anyone and can’t be restricted.

Well, then the most obvious choice is that you and @perflyst leave? :slight_smile:

So you’re saying we should go with option 3?

I found a typo in the post above that I’ve corrected. It previously said “The problem with teams is that anyone can join by clicking Join but I meant to say communities rather than teams. I’ve corrected it but wanted to clarify here as well.

Personally, I think we should go with “Community”.
But you can convert the current “team” to “community” so I suggest that you delete the team - and then create a Community instead.

If we do not want donations, I see no reason to maintain a group presence on Liberapay.


I don’t see any dissenters so I’ll go on and leave the team. Once @perflyst does, it’ll be deleted.

I left the Liberapay group.

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