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As a fresh member, I wanted to put a nice SVG logo/brand for LibreHosters network on my website, but I can’t find any (searched here and on the Gitlab).

Should the forum’s logo be considered official? Could the SVG (if any) version of it be made available?

Sorry if I missed it, I am just starting to look at the numerous topics.


Hey @jean, welcome! It’s interesting that you are mentioning this now because we discussed this during the weekend (see Gathering to discuss values, governance, criteria and process). Unsure if you’re aware but the network is quite young and we’re still working on getting these things into place. Please feel free to share your input!

As far as I know, there is no logo / mediakit yet. We’d need to arrange that.

Our current proposal for network policies was based on the CHATONS manifesto which has the following note:

A logo will be available, if members desire so, and every member will be free to use it or not on their website.

However, there was some discussion on various use and abuse considerations that were quite nuanced (I won’t try to summarise them all here just right now …). Hopefully others will bring their thoughts. Perhaps we should propose an ammendment to CPP: Commitments, Policies and Processes for logo usage.

I will make a mental note to put this on the following monthly meeting agenda (see notes from https://pad.libreho.st/monthly-meeting-0419#) if we do not make prompt progress on this topic.


As @decentral1se mentioned there’s not official logo yet. I do have the original SVG of the current logo used here, but I’d rather not share it since we do not have a consensus on a logo.

For now I recommend using a text link such as:

<span id="librehosters">Member of the <a href="https://libreho.st/">librehosters</a> network.</span>

(Note the lowercase librehosters: this is the preferred use. If you spot LibreHosters or any non-lowercase variant, except for normal capitalization at the beginning of a sentence, you’re welcome to downcase it.)

Thanks for the clarification, I obviously missed that. I will use a text link for now then.

No you did not: it was discussed last week-end. :slight_smile:

The logo in this discourse was placed there somewhat independently by our discourse maintainers when it was installed. It would be nice to have a wider discussion about brand and logo related stuff as its also completely different to the website style and these should likely be consistent.

I can likely help with this a bit (I currently work in a design company and have some experience with branding related stuff).

I (and others) would like to see a logo for the librehosters network so we can add a badge or something similar to our sites that links back to libreho.st.

I’ve done a bit of graphic design so I’d be willing to make one but I think it should really be designed by everyone as a whole; it would be a logo that represents us, the ideals we share, and the purpose of the network itself so everyone should agree on it.


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