Offline Meetings Are OK

Continuing the discussion from Introductions thread!:

So, to be clear, it’s not because some stupid politicians make stupid decisions to incarcerate the whole world population for a year or more that circumstances do not permit actual meatings in person.

Although powermongers and other Macronistas claim that you should not meet nor have a social life does not mean you must not. Since “everything is forbidden, but professional meetings”, then it’s only normal to hold professional meetings in person that would not otherwise happen.

I know we’re all computer people, and we are used to work online and remotely. Nevertheless, some meetings cannot be held online and will not be held online. So if you’re one of those human beings who require a social life – are we not all? – then it’s a civil duty to devise a meeting that will not put anyone in danger.

For example, OFFDEM is calling attendees to prepare themselves by watching their temperature and social life at least a week before the event and at least a week after the event. There’s no reason why, unless you do suffer illness or belong to the ‘at-risk’ fringe of the population, you should not attend a professional meeting while you’re on duty.

May I remind you that:

  1. We’re not prisoners, we’re citizens: we can hold our own responsibilities
  2. It is not illegal to meet in person
  3. The COVID-19 is only lethal if:
    1. you’re already sick
    2. you already passed your life expectancy
    3. you have chronicle diseases (heart or respiratory)
  4. YOLO (unless you’re a believer of otherwise)

In all other cases you should still protect your entourage, but not cease to live, as this is lethal as well, and probably worse than not having a decent life. Despite what some fascist politicians believe, social life is necessary to good health: we have bodies, it’s not to isolate ourselves like dead chicken.

This is in dedication of the many friends who have been burning out this year because they thought they could handle so-called “virtualization of the workplace” without a glitch. I :heart: you, and won’t let you die alone.


Thank you for pointing out my sloppy ideological slip of tongue (or - fingers).
Meeting online is horrible compared to actually facing one another, in many if not all aspects (“convenience” aside).
Spaces of collective operation are under open attack. The student organisation here is trying to privatise our radio station, and a little over one month ago the “leftwing” neoliberal mayor of Ljubljana, with his nazi private security force and support of the clerofascist SDS running the government again since coronacrisis started, forcefully evicted and started demolishing Autonomous Factory Rog, the last major oasis for communal gathering in the midst of gentrification of our municipality. While idiotic measures like no moving around outside after 9PM, unless you are employed somewhere, remain. Even some homeless people were fined this winter.
Bottom line is we urgently need to organize better.
Thank you for your kind words.
How was this year’s OFFDEM? I wanted to visit but could not afford the time off in these critical times, unfortunately.

Yeah, it’s not lethal. But people very vell can have reduced lung functions for years. Frankly, that one sounds like an argument from a Covidiot.

D’accord! I think meeting responsibly, with masks, respect and distance, is the right way. It’s meeting sick people without masks and proper ventilation which causes superspreading events. If you’re a small group of thoughtful people and not a conference of thousands with a few dozen Covidiots amongst them, there’s nothing anyone can do in one of the “free” countries to stop you.