Online Meeting February 2022

Following previous Online Meeting January 2022:

Our next online meeting will be held on February 18th, 2022 at 17:30 CET.

This is a wiki!


  • Update on SCIM collaboration
  • LH Gathering at OFFDEM

It has been a while since I participated in a meeting. I’m planning to join today, could someone tell me where it’s going to take place?

@pierreozoux you took some meeting notes, right? where did you put them?

Here is a copy of the meeting’s pad. I did not put it in the first post because I want to draw your attention on the fact that the agenda posted in the first wiki-post was not used and we did not discuss the first point on the agenda. I don’t think it is sane that someone, anyone, can disappear for almost two years leaving unresolved tasks, and come back changing the schedule agenda with no regard for existing processes. Once again, I appear as the nagging person and I really do not appreciate being in this position. So please, keep it in mind next time we discuss processes.

Feb Meeting


  • Hugo
  • rg
  • Agnez
  • Pierre
  • Flo2marsnet
  • how & natacha



Nubo is live \o/
And they have a beautiful doc :slight_smile:


Weekend - 5/6th March

Marsnet is coming.
They have an Erasmus grant to come and meet peers, to exchange about practices.

SourceHut is coming

→ Meeting on Friday night!
→ Round table


Nubo will apply!

Next steps

What are the problems we want to solve
  • Helping users to find hosters
  • Helping people to librehost themself
  • support each other

Next online meeting

  • 18 March - 17h30

Dear LibreHosters,

I have not been in touch for quite some time and was happy to see some of you back Friday at the meeting. But I encountered aggressiveness at that meeting and as I prefer my life without that kind of ambiance I’ll leave the network for good. Best wishes to all, hope you can build some good collaborations here.

Take care