Online Meeting July 2019

Monthly meeting July 15th 2019

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Proposal: focus this agenda on addressing all outstanding concerns on the CPP and CoC. Perhaps we should announce a final window for comments? Or it’s already up? (I’d be OK with that). The last meeting was a lot about technical issues which is fine but we need to resolve these big organisational issues ASAP to push the story forward.

Aha, I see that a comment in Value: produce free software is alreadying suggesting a model for this which looks nice. Not sure on status of that though.

the CoC is specifically being delayed to get more input from others (groups and individuals) and will be moved forward a bit later. I agree that the CPP should be on the next meeting agenda, but discussions should happen before (as is currently the case) so we can decide whether to accept it at the meeting rather than spending the the whole meeting discussing it for an hour.


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