Online Meeting May 2020


this is the first online meeting of 2020. We have a few tasks pending:

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Dear librehosters, you can make up to two choices, please indicate your availability.

@Amolith, @nino, there was a request to move the meeting to Sunday or Monday. I would like to ensure, as you’re the first responders, that you are able to make it.

  • Keep the meeting on Friday 8
  • Move it to Sunday 10
  • Move it to Monday 11

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saw this too late, pity. not possible on sunday for me. have a good meeting

I added my proposal in the agenda. Is there a link where I can join? It is not clear from the notes. Thanks and see you on Sunday :slight_smile:


Oh nooo! So what day would it be best for you next month? So it doesn’t happen again

(i thought this would appear as threaded, but it doesn’t) meetings happen in the meetings channel, librehosters-meeting i believe,in matrix. linked to from the main matrix librehosters channel

Would Monday be fine with you next month?

Yes thanks, Mondays are fine.
In the past we alternated meetings on Sundays and Mondays, so I am happy to go on with that.

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Here’s the full report (a copy of the pad at the end of the meeting).

Online Meeting May 2020

See Online Meeting May 2020

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