Poll : What technical Recipe do you use for hosting ( aka PaaS )


as I try to gather current solution to build a “PaaS” similar to libre.sh here :

I try a little poll :

What technical Recipe do you use for hosting

I don’t see how one can add a custom value to the poll just just reply and I’ll edit the poll

  • libre.sh v1
  • libre.sh v2
  • Custom k8s setup
  • Yunohost
  • Sandstorm
  • Openshift ( almost a PaaS)
  • other solution
  • other solution 2

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I use a custom setup based on Docker Swarm mode.

For providing SaaS we are using libre.sh, for providing PaaS we are using http://dokku.viewdocs.io/dokku/, for IaaS we are using Hetzner bare metal contracts, managed partly by Ansible, and also virtualise with KVM, LXC/-D.

Thanks for your input, I wish I could edit the poll to add more options but I can’t ( which sounds legit )