Proposed README for new members

During the meeting today, I mentioned that it might be useful to have a pinned topic for newcomers that lays out some of how the network is organised at the moment. I spent some time drafting that today and put it in a CodiMD pad. Any suggestions are welcome and when the consensus is that it’s good, I’ll create the post :+1:

Goto this Pad

Thanks for the initiative, I’d say that this should also be on the website too! However, for now, a pinned message is pretty good.

We should also add a “how to participate” section, no? Looking at and or reviewing other MRs of other members, coming to the meetings regularly, etc.

One amendment:

Real-time conversations are held in Matrix.

And bridged to IRC as well. (show also addresses for freenode)

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Once it is done, it should replace Welcome to the LibreHosters Network and be pinned again so it appears first to newcomers.

Links to topics, e.g., introductions, should be linking to the /1 response, not the latest.

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If no one objects or offers any more suggestions in the next day or so, I’ll go on and post

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