Welcome to the librehosters network!

Instructions for being listed in the directory

This will change in the future once we start improving the schema and adding features to the main website. For now, however, it’s accurate.

  1. Create a file named librehost.json, serve it at the root of your website, and fill it out based on those already accepted (example)
  2. Fork the librehosters/directory repo
  3. Add a link to your json file in alphabetical order with the name of your organisation (don’t forget commas at the end of the line)
  4. Go back to the main repo and open a merge request for your fork

We wait a month before discussing merge approval. In that time, current members are expected to look at the request, review your organisation, and decide whether or not they think it’s a good fit for the network. They may leave questions or comments on the MR asking for clarification on certain things, leaving a comment on this or that policy, etc. If they approve, they’ll leave a :+1: on the request. Once there are three, it’ll be merged at the next online meeting.

Either before or after your MR, introduce yourself! We want to get to know you! Reply with your name/pseudonym, if you’re an individual or part of a collective, some of the main things you stand for, etc. Be sure to provide a link to your website and possibly to your MR as well for convenience.

Participating in the network

One of the best ways to participate with the librehosters is to join our Matrix/IRC channels and get to know everyone else.

All members are expected to regularly participate in the online monthly meetings (missing a few is alright; life happens), review MRs for potential members, and take a look at topics with the #TODO tag. These are things that everyone agrees need to get done and someone has to do them!

Current organisation

At the moment, we meet every month and alternate between Mondays and Sundays at 17:00 UTC in #librehosters-meeting:chat.weho.st. Have a look in the Events category for times and dates.

Real-time conversations are held in Matrix and bridged to Freenode for IRC. Our main channels are as follows:
On-topic: #librehosters:matrix.allmende.io
Off-topic: #librehosters-techtalk:disroot.org
Meetings: #librehosters-meeting:chat.weho.st

For IRC: same as Matrix channels but without anything after : (ex. #librehosters, #librehosters-techtalk, etc.)

Riot Community listing everything else: +librehosters:chat.weho.st