Reboot or kill the network?

I’m ready to put some effort in bringing more radical people with an openly anti-capitalist stance ; who understand what neoliberalism is about – systematically destroying the collective --, that it must be resisted ; and who will actually support engaged communities in doing so.

Otherwise, I’m also ready to kill this network since only bad vibes came from it since the collective process was unilaterally blocked by the lack of response and disengagement of people who brought up issues in the first place. If there’s no collective here, we should pull the plug. There are other radical spaces that can serve as a backbone for independent hosting and service providers who actually want to make a difference.

No need to pull the plug. The world had a rough 1.5 years due to COVID-19 and projects like this just sleep for some time. There’s valuable discussions and resources in this community. There’s no harm in just letting things run their course and think about how to make them work better in the long run. This is not a company with a ROI to fulfill.

You could do a bit more marketing, instead of whining that nobody wants to do libre hosting time and time again. That negativity doesn’t help the project :wink:

If you bring in more radical people, e.g. from, that’s probably a good thing. Not because they’re radical, but because different views of the world add diversity to such projects. Lots of self-hosting communities exist but frankly, I think most of them don’t know about at all.

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Yeah, I’ll stop whining when one of two things happen : 1) I am not alone keeping things up, 2) this project is past me.

COVID-19 is exactly why this project should have been working, because people where sitting in front of their computers. This is not a restaurant, but a network of collectives providing Internet services. I suppose this would have been a good time for librehosters to reach out to new collectives in need of our services.

Why didn’t you do something a year ago then?

A collective is not a technical representation of a real-world domain, it’s a community of people. You can’t have communities when you don’t talk to people.

I’d really like to help out here, but my time is extra limited right now and I honestly don’t know what your problem is. Create content, make advertisements in other communities. Maybe research which communities come to mind. Go out into the real world.

Circlejerking in a community of selfhosters that nobody wants to selfhost is a bit weird. I have dozens of people using my infrastructure, I know dozens of other selfhosters. We mostly communicate on Matrix and have our own little admin teams. is not even listed here. I currently don’t see the benefit if the point of this community is that it’s existing. Reach out :wink:

And maybe try to make it known what exactly you want people to do. I’ll add your JSON if that makes you happy. You just have to tell me.

I did, see #todo. I also did a number of things with my collective, including OFFDEM and many other things: THX, /run, DREAM, or SocialHub.

Exactly. That’s what I was referring to several times. Idleness does not help making things happening.

It didn’t change: we have a foundational document that has not been released and which process of finalizing has been blocked. I’m not the one blocking, and I cannot take it upon myself to release a collective document, so I’ve been waiting.

I have my own networks as well and do not need patronizing, thank you.

This is great. But it would require a bit more than just symbolic presence. BTW, I’m slowly working on a Tilde in Euskara while learning the language. Hopefully I can get it to run in the coming years, it would be nice to be able to share such knowledge in the Basque country. I like the approach of

What things are you keeping up on your own?
Hope this network continues to exist

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