ReLearn 2019 Rotterdam

This is happening next week-end in Rotterdam. If you’re around, you might want to join! (Although the registration is supposed to be closed. You never know. Check the link.)

There are many questions in the air when we start to speak about digital infrastructures, hosters, servers, services, networks and their technical realities. Instead of picking one and diving deeper, we thought it would be more interesting to present a range and explore different vocabularies, protocols, technologies, infrastructures. We invite you to join Relearn to stretch this zone, starting from or moving towards:

▝ digital interdependencies
▘ affective infrastructures
▝ homebrew networks
▗ networked entanglements
▖ feminist servers
▖ federated networks
▝ and-and-networks
▚ digital autonomy
▖ transitional infrastructures
▞ digital selves-organisations
▖ so-and-sovereignty networks
▝ out-of-the-cloud thinking
▚ …

It was great :slight_smile: I’m aiming to be at the following Brussels event if anyone is around …

So you were there? That’s awesome! Can you tell us what happened from a Librehosters perspective?

Aha, too many things … codes of conduct were discussed quite a bit, discussions on the moral side of hosting (scenarios such as: "you are elite hack0rz who host the b3st services but then 50% of your user base start to revolt because X, what do you do!?) and also a session about practically applying the feminist server manifesto! There have been discussion on what a femOS would mean :slight_smile: A lot of critical thinkers around … I don’t think I can summarise it well … well recommended to come to these events!