SAML Federation between and You


If you would like to add your group as an authentication source to please talk in here and we can help you setup SAML / OAUTH 2 for authenticating your users to our current apps :slight_smile: !!


@mattronix I’d like to have P.S.: users authenticating to Does that mean we can then use the SAML authenticator for new services we can setup?

For example, I wish to have to become a new Discourse service to discuss EU funding for free software. Will users be able to SSO into that upcoming instance?


Hello How,

Yes this is possible via two options:

A. You add us as an identity provider to your Keycloak instance allowing anyone with a account to federate to your services.

B. You add your app as a SAML SP to our keycloak instance and we add your keycloak as an identity provider.

The first option is the preferred way as it’s non blocking and decentralized in comparison to the second.


Setting up a Keycloak instance to federate with SSO

placeholder :slight_smile: This is a wiki!