Search for European colleagues ( partners ) for free-libre and solidary digital education projects


We are from Marsnet , a member of CHATONS.
We are in the process of setting up a European project on free-libre and solidary digital education, whose aim is to develop exchanges of knowledge and practices between European actors
within the framework of the ERASMUS + PENELOPE +
The schemes provide funding for travel to attend or provide training, or to carry out an observation course.

We are looking for European partners (outside France), i.e. colleagues like all of us who have a free-libre and solidary digital education activity (workshops, meetings, training, cryptoparty, collaborative writing of documentation, hackathon, mutual aid, conference, round table, courses, coaching, advice, digital mediation…).

for :
- exchange and develop our knowledge and educational practices
- to receive us for a “observation internship”.
- participate in their congresses or meetings, (or workshops, training…)
- follow one of our training courses for free

Please note that there is nothing to be done for the partner in terms of assembling the file because we take care of it.

The file must be submitted before Tuesday 11th February, but the names of the partners and the details can be defined later after acceptance.
Note that we already have an identified European partner in Belgium.

Do you know of any structures that might be interested ?

Thank you in advance :slight_smile: