Sharing legal documents and experiences?

Hi Librehosters, it has been a while. I have been rather silent here and at chatons’ lately.
With Nubo we have been quite busy with raising funds and preparing the groundwork of the project, hoping to have the services ready for end of this summer.

One big construction area within the project is on the legal side. I am hoping to find some building material here in the network. Maybe you have experience to share on that? Do you think the legal documents of your structures could be helpful for us to look at? Be it your standart contracts with clients, or legal agreements with partners you are sharing infrastructure with for example… but also your terms of service and privacy policies of course.
Don’t hesitate to point me on aspects we might not think of but should!

At Nubo we hope that the TOS (and maybe other documents) will be written in a collaborative process with the members/users. Does anyone here have experience with something alike?

I have proposed that the ToS of p.s.: be written collaboratively, but so far nobody wished to participate. Here’s the history if you like to see:

The interesting thing is that nobody gives a damn until something happens and we need it. I guess it’s a culture in the making. But I would not be too enthusiastic about making it a collective process. There are legal obligations, and then a capitalist strategy of capture of user-generated value, or on the contrary a strategy of protection of the users. We know where we stand. I’m sorry we did not find the resources and enthusiasm to get this done, and I hope you will.