Synapse trusted_key_servers: which ones?

Recent Synapse versions have been advertising the trusted_key_servers setting:

Synapse requires that a list of trusted key servers are specified in order to
provide signing keys for other servers in the federation.

This homeserver does not have a trusted key server configured in
homeserver.yaml and will fall back to the default of ‘’.

Trusted key servers should be long-lived and stable which makes a
good choice for many admins, but some admins may wish to choose another. To
suppress this warning, the admin should set ‘trusted_key_servers’ in
homeserver.yaml to their desired key server and ‘suppress_key_server_warning’
to ‘true’.

In a future release the software-defined default will be removed entirely and
the trusted key server will be defined exclusively by the value of

Since Librehosters may want to trust the same key servers, I was wondering whether everyone is using the default ( or something else.

I am actually using and as trusted key server.

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