Virtualmin (or similar) ISP Recommendations?

Hi all,

We support your objectives and are in the process of identifying and engaging with Librehost and any other organizations that support your goal or similar.

Our objective is to establish our own server to host Freedom Software solutions “turnkey” instances for small businesses (i.e. SMB’s), however, while in the learning phase we’ll simplify the initial setup by using a host.

We’re looking for a GPL or GPL Compatible hypervisor and have currently settled on Virtualmin (Virtualmin - Wikipedia). Alternative recommendations are welcome.

As such, we’re searching for a host (e.g. ISP or association) that meets your objectives and has the following characteristics :

  • net neutrality (#netneutrality) and
  • non-profit (#nonprofit).

Does such an organization exist in Australia or anywhere else?

If so, can we have your recommendations or your best option thereafter.

Thanks / Gracias / Merci / Vielen Dank / شكرًا.

P.s. by “net neutral” we mean any orgnization that is a recognized member of an organization such as the French Association of ISP’s ( or similar. Do such organizations as the FFDN exist elsewhere in the world?)