We are leaving the network

Hello everyone,

As you can read in the title we, Selea, Amolith, and Perflyst, are leaving the librehosters network.
This is not because we do not value hosting services that are free/libre or that we are stopping (some of us will even expand the services we provide), but that we believe being part of this network takes time that could be better spent elsewhere, whether that’s with our families, improving infrastructure, contributing to projects, etc.

Additionally, we think there are a few people in the network who have an unrealistic vision. This could be a large part of why we, as a network, have accomplished relatively little together. We all understand how important it is to let everyone have their say and find solutions that work for all. However, compromises must be made if a unanimous consensus can’t be reached.

This perfectionist vision was likely a large part of why the network never accomplished much; the goals that were set were likely intimidating and overwhelming to individuals. When a group first comes together, there is a lot of initial motivation and excitement. A better approach would have been for us to take advantage of that, build something truly great, then work out the bureaucratic details at a later date. That way, all the members would have had a better idea of our network’s vision and putting pen to paper (making things “official”) would have been much easier

We also regret the time wasted trying to keep the project running, especially by Cloud68, who recently tried to organize what could have been an amazing event, and realitygaps, who spearheaded organizing everything and managing the monthly meetings. Thank you!

The librehosters network was and still is a fantastic idea but in the end, it really didn’t add value to any projects or to those looking for hosted libre software. During our time as part of the network, we noticed more individuals and groups collaborating unofficially than did otherwise and we partly attribute this to the bureaucracy associated with doing things officially. For many of us who do this in our spare time, that barrier was set prohibitively high.

However, we will stick around for the time being and anyone can always reach out to us. We’re all still librehosters even if we’re not part of a network.


Yeah, I think it’s time to bury this project as well.

Im very sad to read this @perflyst @Amolith @jonathan, you are all valued members of the community and will be missed. I would have not met you without this project and am glad for that opportunity. Your services are awesome and I’ll keep recommending them to people as I have been.

I do understand your reasons and concerns and agree with a lot of your points. I’ve also made a post about the future of librehosters , The Future of Librehosters and maybe this addresses some of them.

We are all still librehosters indeed, so perhaps we should just focus on that part .

I would very much like to be involved in making a conference I think it is a great idea and was also sad that it didnt happen. Perhaps we can work on still making this happen? I hope so.

Hi @perflyst @Amolith and @jonathan,

Thanks for your clear words. I think you are right with your definition of where the network is stuck.

But same as @realitygaps I also thing we can still make things happen.

You’re leaving? I just got here! :smiley:

I know nothing about the current state of libreho.st, but I found it through LibreOps’ OpenCollective account, which linked here.

Can you elaborate for an outsider?

I agree bureaucreacy is bad and I’d rather have a loose network of contributors with a set of strong RFC-type guidelines. You don’t have to use RFCs but everyone does, because they’re well-written and thought through. Is that something that could bring low-effort cooperation together with the

perfectionist vision