We need the LibreHosters Network


Just to remind me why I think LibreHosters Network is needed:

Last week-end I had a coffee with a friend. She told me that she knows that gmail snoops around in her correspondence, but she would not know where to find other services…

Yesterday a volunteer mate sent me the invitation to our next assembly: those who want to participate should fill out a google form. I said no thanks, I’m not feeding that kind of data soakaway. She asked what else she should use if not google forms…

Today someone asked me what to use if not google drive. I said nextcloud and he wrote nextcloud on a sheet of paper. He will google it tomorrow will find the the nextcloud site, the wikipedia entry, the git repository… but nowhere he could create an account and start putting his files…

Together as LHN we should take care that people who want to avoid surveillance capitalism’s services can find the tools and services they need!


I totally agree :slight_smile:

For Nextcloud, just tell them to download the Nextcloud app, the user signup journey is included! This is an amazing improvement.

You maybe didn’t realize why we were so excited about this api, the libreho.st api. But this is one step to solve the signup journey systematically for every free software. Tomorrow, all libre hosters out there filled this API. Lime survey crawl the web to know which hosters provide the service. And then Lime survey can build the sign up journey. And you as Agnez, you just tell, go to limesurvey (or download the limesurvey app).
(We can even build a standard signup journey, so limesurvey can just reuse our code)