'Wednesday night massacre' as Trump appointee takes over at global media agency

I received an email from our friends at https://Eclips.is who have been providing free VPS to Internet freedom, liberation technology developers, administrators and digital rights activists to deploy their privacy-sensitive services without depending on big GMAFIA corporations.

As you might have heard, last Wednesday saw a major change in leadership
for the USAGM and OTF, see a.o:https://edition.cnn.com/2020/06/17/media/us-agency-for-global-media-michael-pack/index.html.
OTF https://www.opentech.fund/ is the donor for the eclips.is
infrastructure that Greenhost is delivering. At this point we have no
word on the future of the funding for Eclips.is. We will inform you as
soon as we know more from OTF. We will of course communicate any change
in service well beforehand.

Now is the moment we and OTF need your help, these are the things you
can do:

  • Sign the letter https://saveinternetfreedom.tech/ to US congress in support of internet freedom

  • Spread the message on Twitter and other platforms

  • And specifically for you as Eclips.is user, please send us how you use
    eclips.is and how it has helped you or your organization, and how you
    depend on it by replying to this e-mail. In such e-mail please make sure
    you let us know which information we can share, and to whom. We will use
    this to support our application to OTF, or possible other sources of
    funding. If you want to send this by other means and/or anonymously that
    is also great and helpful, in that case be as specific as you can (for
    instance naming the country of your activity and/or the type of work).

We will do our utmost to keep eclips.is services available to you for
free, please help us by doing the above things as soon as possible,


The Greenhost eclips.is team

Questions? Contact us on support@eclips.is