What is bootstrap mode please?


I dont understand this that appears on my screen:

To make launching your new site easier, you are in bootstrap mode. All new users will be granted trust level 1 and have daily email summary emails enabled. This will be automatically turned off when 50 users have joined.

daily summaries no longer sent just because we are more than 50?


Fair question. I actually didn’t notice a change. Maybe because I enable mailing list mode in my preferences.

I’m adding the following CSS to get rid of it:

.alert-bootstrap-mode {
  display: none;


i think its just some settings to ensure that the instance gets active that happens when you install a new instance


I think the message is just informative and hiding it is not helping @anap with her question. Discourse will automatically adapt not to send daily summaries, but rather adjust to the intelligent notification system. This can probably be changed, either on a site wide basis (would not recommend) or on a per-user basis.