A Jobs category?

Continuing the discussion from People looking for jobs:

Let’s see how it could work:

  1. A sub-category to #talk (would appear at #talk:jobs)
  2. Clear rules of posting:
    1. “Job Wanted” are indicated with a #wanted tag
    2. “Job Offered” are indicated with an #offered tag
    3. Offered jobs must mention the company, job location (or remote), contract type (duration…), salary, benefits…
    4. OP is responsible for the topic: if a job is taken, the topic should be closed; only one topic per job; no bumps.
    5. No recruiters, only employers-employees
    6. Jobs offers missing information should be flagged (e.g., not indicating salary)
    7. Topics should use a clear template to define collectively so as to be generic enough but not too constraining (e.g., mentioning required information in order)
    8. Topics should automatically close without an answer within N days (e.g., 60)
    9. Only jobs within the librehosters network, no third-party.

What do you think?

Seems like a lot of rules… on the CoTech forum we don’t really have any formal rules for the jobs board and it seems to work OK, however I’m not sure that anyone has got a job or employed anyone as a result of it…

Any other comments? I don’t feel comfortable proceeding with the creation of a Jobs category at this point since nobody seems to be interested enough. I guess we can stay with the original topic for now.

AFAIK: Aptivate chased up a few and had interviews.

Yep, fair enough. Perhaps not applicable for the group right now …

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